Ok so if you if your not from the 90’s you’ve probably never been “ Maxin & Relaxin”, lol. It’s kicking back, just chilling, and with the last days of the summer coming to a close I’m trying to maximize my Maxin & Relaxin. If you are like me and there are still quite a few dates left on the summer calendar and you don’t want to buy new pieces just for a few weeks, you are really going to appreciate this closet remix.

If you haven’t figured it out this remix, it is a maxi skirt. Three looks 1 skirt:

The first look is full on summer glory, in this look the long maxi is pulled up and belted worn as a halter dress.

Look #1 : Maxin

Paired with long necklaces, a chunky bracelet, and strappy sandals. This is perfect for cooling out!

Look number 2 is for those days when it’s a little chilly or the company is a little more modest. Same belted halter, with a bolero added for a little coverage and a new look.


Look # 2 : Chill Mode

imageJust add a short blazer, light vest, or a bolero as shown above.

So Look number 3 is the traditional look for a maxi skirt, most commonly women wear them long with a shirt.

So this was actually my #fashionforchurch on the day I shot this look.

Look # 3 Relaxin

imageSo for this look I added a multicolored tank and a bracelet that went with the multi theme of the shirt and a simple gold necklace, and black sandals.

When I was planning this, I was imagining, what if you have more than one event to attend and you don’t want to keep going home to change. You can attend all three and look as if you had multiple wardrobe changes when you really just added a little of this and took off a little of that.

Now there all set, three looks, with one piece. No need to stress about what to where to your next kickback, just chill and max out. Lol😂. Stick with me I’ll show you how to dress a Phatty!

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