Mrsphatandnaptural is a seed planted by God, watered by faith, and nourished by grace.

You can find hundreds of articles and personalities that will show you that plus size women can look good, dress cute, and that you can wear whatever you want to wear. Equally in number are the Naturalistas showing you the styles trends and techniques to get your tresses on track, but at Mrsphatandnaptural we know that what you wear and how your hair looks isn’t nearly as important as how you feel.

Ultimately how you feel will translate into how well you rock your style. We are absolutely certain that beauty comes from within. So here you will be fed a virtual diet of positivity, love, personal care, and style. We always work from the inside out, feeding your spirits, dressing your body, and keeping your tresses tight is what we are here for. Always remember being kind never goes out of fashion! Style has no size! And being Natural is always worth the trouble!


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