I always come across great tips for the modern plus sized woman. I say modern because gone are the shabby mumu’s imageof yesterday, the one look for all over 200 pounds, and the grandma gear. The modern day curvy is fierce, bold, and chic. The modern day “big” girl is usually dipped honey *two finger snaps*. imageGrowing up I was always the chubby one. The chubby sister, chubby cousin, and chubby friend, buuuut I was always fly. My mom was anti frump lol! So I always tried to wear figure flattering clothes, though I see some pictures that make me take deep sighs lol! So let’s talk about the donts of plus size fashion!
#1 Under Garments
Let’s start from the very beginning, because the proper under attire can make or break your look!
The right sized underwear
I know we all would like to think because we are chunky that we have Beyonces booty but heavier, this is not true lol! Having a big butt or a wide butt doesn’t not mean you have an apple bottom. But with the right underwear you might be able to convince people that you are the heavy Bee that you envision lol! Underwear that is too tight looks bad even with your clothes on. It squeezes the butt into an awkward shape and let’s some parts hang out. Panties that are too big bunch up and give you granny booty. So please buy the right size!
-The right bra
I can not stress this enough! The right bra is the way of life! The right sized bra will give you an equal balance of the proper cleavage and a smoother upper back. I know it’s frustrating as a busty girl that you can’t run and get a cheap $3.99 bra that will give you support and last after wash day, but the proper bra is worth the right amount of coins. But here’s a secret that I’ve known for a while but did not realize it was a secret lol, Walmart has good cheap bras for us! A lot of women are surprised at this. Cacique is the ultimate best place for a bra! imageIt is worth every penny! I have literally cried when damage has happened to one of these bras (seriously lol). Also here is a tidbit, if you want the correct size go get measured and stop guessing. A bra that is too tight looks really bulky in the back. Making your upper fat rolls look like they are ready to pop! imageAnd that’s not sexy cleavage, when your bra is too small your breast look angry lol! Don’t believe me? Ask some one. A bra that is too big, fits incorrectly and a lot of slippage occurs throughout they day. No one wants to be readjusting their boobs all day. Remember do not dry your bras (especially the good ones) in the dryer. Always bend forward when putting on your bra to ensure every tidbit is in place. Here’s another secret, the three different rows of hooks are there for a reason. You’re supposed to comfortably fit into your bra using the first hooks and graduate in to the other hooks once the bra gets older.
-Shape wear
If you’re anything like me, you cringe deep down inside when you hear the word shape wear. Suddenly your palms are sweaty, your diaphragm is tight, and it’s hard to breathe lol! But the truth is, some desired looks need shape wear no matter what size you wear. Sometimes we need to smooth our rolls out to rock that hot dress! As we know there are many different shape wear options, and honestly you should own more than one. Chasity from Garnerstyle can be seen rocking different styled shape wear, she has a whole post about shape wear on her blog. If you are anti shape wear try going with a fitted camisole. It just smoothed your tummy and back out, they aren’t as tight because they have less elastic. imageThe proper way to wear shape wear is to first try it on! You want to get the correct size because shape wear that is too big is useless, and too small actually pushes the rolls and curves all over the place. Always step into your shaper, even if it is just a camisole.  Last but not least do not dry your shaper! This wears on the elastic! Follow your care instructions they are there for a reason.
#2 Dress for your shape
The media makes us believe that the only desirable shape is the hourglass, but in reality you should always feel desirable no matter what! There are many different shapes and sizes so what may fit on your shape may not fit on mine.image
#3 It’s not always for you
I know we see these hot trends from the local plus size trend setters, but it’s not always for you. But this takes us back to dress for your shape. Sometimes we have to realize that just because it’s in our size it’s not always flattering. We can’t always be in the “me too” crew!image
#4 Your size doesn’t define you
It’s just a number ladies! And sometimes that number changes. If you are one size and you can squeeze into a smaller size does not mean it looks good. So if you wear a 22 and can squeeze into that 18 but it doesn’t look good, make it a goal to look good in that. But if you’re anti diet and exercise give it away if it doesn’t look good. Wearing clothes are too big to “hide” your weight isn’t flattering to you, just like wearing too small clothes. Embrace it honey! So don’t let the number on the tag define how you feel.image

We are all about self love and feeling good about yourself. So if you feel good just go for it. But we also want you to look as good as you feel. We are not trying to bash our fellow curvy, but just trying to show you the best you! Always remember wear it with confidence!
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