Is it me or does it seem like the shoe industry has not caught wind of the whole #plusisequal #celebratemysize , #hereiam movement?

One of of the most frustrating parts of  my shopping experience is shoe shopping! Don’t get it twisted I absolutely love shoes, but as my body has gotten wider…so has my foot. On top of which I have a short foot. I’ve just about given up on finding my size shoe. However I can’t  give up wearing cute shoes.

I can’t tell you how many pairs I’ve shoes I’ve purchased worn once or twice, and given away! At times I’ve even purchased shoes a size and a half bigger. Yeah what woman wants to buy bigger shoes?  It’s a little easier in the spring and summer because sandals are more forgiving. But, through that old scientific method …trial and error, I found a few go to Fall styles that always pay off!


  • I generally look for neutral colors.
  • I choose trendy classics that move easily from business to casual.
  • I try on both shoes not just one.

Fall Flats


The Smoking Slipper

This one is from Chinese Laundry, I tend to buy black shoes for the obvious reason, they go with most of my wardrobe. The design of the Smoking Slipper gives the loafer look with out being as restrictive ( I also have a high instep…no loafers for me). The shoe trends are back to pointed toes so this one fits the current style. I purchased these a 1/2 size bigger ( just to be sure) at Burlington for $19.00. They retail for around $45.00, Frugal Frogirl in effect!

Chines Laundry Smoking Slipper
Chines Laundry Smoking Slipper

The Ballet Flat

In case you haven’t guessed these are my favorite Fall Flats! The design of the ballet flat is perfect for my wide foot. The round cut makes them fit like a glove! The picture doesn’t show it, but they are also patent leather which is so on trend this year! I picked these up at Ross For Less at a whopping $7.99, yup less than 8 bucks! Because they were a ballet flat I knew I could get my true size! Love love love!

Me Too Ballet Flat
Me Too Ballet Flat

The Pointed Flat

Yes leopard is a neutral! He he he…it is in my book. I just love the classic silhouette of this shoe. These are usually cut right above the toe which is right below the thickest part of my foot. As long as the front isn’t too narrow these are always a win! I got these on one of my lunchtime shopping trips to Burlington back in July. I scored them for $ 9.99. They were marked down from $24.99. Got that off season discount!

XoXo Soft Pointed Flat
XoXo Soft Pointed Flat


I know I could always go the more expensive route of custom made shoes. But as you can see I didn’t pay much for these shoes. Or I could pay to get them stretched but that’s also more expensive.

Sticking to these shapes allows me to stop throwing money out the window buying shoes only to give them away after 1 or 2 wears. Or worst yet taking up valuable closet space by keeping items that I can’t use! Or the worst, the ugly granny shoes…I’m too young for that!

Do you struggle finding shoes that fit the three main points, comfort, style, price? If so I’d love to hear from you! Hope this information helps! If so let me know!

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