Hey Curlfriends, here we are at post number 2 of 101 Natural Hair Tips! As I’ve said before, there’s no one size fits all approach to hair care. Depending on your goals and expectations there are several roads that can lead you to your “Hairvana “. With so much information as well as misinformation out there, I’m going to do my best to give you only the proven process that I know work.

So here we go with a continuation of the basics:


11. Detangle and section your hair before washing.
12. Wash your hair in 2-4 sections.

13. Steam and or hot water opens the hair cuticle to allow moisture into the hair shaft.

101 Natural Hair Tips
14. Cold water closes the hair cuticle and locks in moisture, so remember to rinse your conditioner out with cold water
15. Weekly scalp massages stimulate circulation to the scalp and promote hair growth.
16. Keep your hair moisturized daily.
17. Use mild shampoos and or cowashs to keep your hair clean and healthy.

101 Natural Hair Tips
18. Clarify your hair with ACV or clarifying shampoos every 6-8 weeks.
19. Deep condition at least every 2-4 weeks.
20. Keep a hair journal.


If you missed the first post here is 101 Natural Hair Tips 1-10. I know there is a lot of information out ther, but stay tuned. There’s more to come!

Post 1 Natural Hair Basics   👈

Here’s to more hair!


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