Hey girlies! Its been a while since I’ve chatted with you! I hope all is good these days. For the past year I’ve been 75% serious about living a healthier lifestyle, HA! I say 75% because I will go hard for a few weeks and take an over-extended break. Honestly the exercising isn’t my biggest issue. My problem is……FOOD! I love food; not for nutrition, not to live, but merely the taste lol.The struggle has been real. No I havent lost a significant amount of weight, but I feel

imagebetter and I can see the physical changes! I had two kids 19 months apart, and the last one was via c-section. Already being plus size the struggle has been just that….a STRUGGLE to lose the new belly that became BFF’s with my original belly lol! I loss the first 25 pounds by just simply moving and trying. I’m currently at a plateau, which happens, but I’m dedicated to myself this go around.


Here are a few quick tips to make your journey worth it:

*Drink Water:

Water really is the key to weight loss! Shoot for 10 cups a day, then exceed that. Drinking water will have you flushing the pounds away (literally). Water makes your hair grow and skin glow also! So drink, drink, drink!

image*Set Small Goals
There is nothing wrong with having a long term goal, but reaching an immediate goal can also be rewarding with a shot of motivation to tag along! That small goal makes you closer to your goal, and if you exceed your goal, GREAT!

*Be Realistic
Exercise is very important to live this healthy lifestyle, but it is very hard to fit into your life. Most of us (especially moms) do not have the time to sit and relax, so we don’t even want to think about exercise. Really though we must admit a healthy you is an investment. Try to aim for 3 days a week for a minimum of 20-30 minutes. We all can do that!

*Teamwork Makes Dreams Work
Encouragement keeps you going and motivated. Having a partner will keep you on track. Plus friendly competition never hurt anyone ;-). My team loves using Pinterest for fit ideas and food options!

image*Invest In Your Fit Life
I have started this, but I plan on truly dedicating myself to my journey. Purchase workout equipment that you can use anywhere. Buy workout apparel (if you look good, you feel good). Eat better. Just maybe you’ll be more dedicated if you spent money lol!

*Do Not Punish Yourself
Like I said before, I love food lol! Now that I’m adapting a healthier lifestyle I can’t lie I still eat a lot of the foods that I always have, just less and counter it with exercise. But when you fall off, dont stay off! There is always tomorrow. And don’t be brutal in your next exercise routine. This journey is about a new life to live and love; not a punishment for being you!

Remember to be encouraged, not discouraged, it always gets easier! If you take a few steps imageback and gain some weight back just keep going (that’s usually my wake up call lol). If you plateau, switch it up. Keep your workouts fresh so you don’t bore easily. Don’t let the scale make you or break you! Those numbers don’t matter! You’re beautiful NO MATTER WHAT!!( I don’t follow the scale, because I don’t drop pounds as easy as I do inches). Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! And checkout our Amazon store for your phatty needs!

Muah Phatty,
Ja’nay of Mrsphatandnaptural

2 comments on “The Fight of A Fit Phatty”

  1. Well i had to drop by your comments and say i love your blog theme AND I really enjoyed this post. It drew me in (lol) .

    I like the picture that said the start is what stopsost people. Im that girl at the starting line-up stretching and flexing but never moving when the race starts hangs head .

    As i was reading i recognised the vicious cycle i get into with exercise and that i do PUNISH MYSELF. And i can see my logic is flawed. Just like how u can’t slap the most expensive deep conditioner on your head for 3 days and declare your hair healthy.

    Healthy bodies take time and commitment and consistency like dora said. “Just keep swimming” (wasn’t finding Nemo the best though).

    Hope i bump into this blog again on my travels but if i never do i just had to mention this post is great n going in my pocket.

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