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Hey Phatty, I know we’re always getting flooded with the next “try this” product, and most of our closets or dressers are filled with so many things that we never use. Or even worse, products that we hate! Don’t get me wrong there are truly great products out there, but sometimes we over-look the items that we already have right in our very own kitchens! But why would we automatically think to check our cupboards for hair products? I can remember getting yelled at for over using something that was intended for food. I can’t imagine telling the adults that I needed some olive oil for my hair lol. But little did we know we were so clueless to the benefits of God’s oil! Historical and Biblical texts are proof that this healthy oil has always been intended for great use. All this time we didn’t know one important key to healthy beautiful hair was right in our households or in the grocery store! olive oil

Olive oil is beneficial for the entire body inside and out. The benefits for your hair are endless! All you need is a spray bottle, water, and a few tablespoons of olive oil. All naturals deal with humidity and frizz, and we all know how frustrating frizzy hair can be! Using Olive oil not only eliminates frizz, it also gives your hair great moisture and shine, while making your hair soft. Girl, don’t nobody want no dry and brittle hair lol.

Maybe you’re not a wash and go girl.Or you like to keep your hair in protective styles majority of the time. Don’t worry this post is still for you! You can use olive oil as a hot oil treatment during wash day. Applying olive oil to your scalp and sitting under the dryer for fifteen to twenty minutes after you wash and condition will give you vast improvement!beyonce-in-shower-with-shower-cap You can also use a spray bottle with your olive oil mixture to spray on your hair before you style (especially if you use the blow dryer after washing) to protect your hair.

Olive oil restores your hair strength, while preventing breakage. Also restoring hair bulbs and stimulating cell growth. Olive oil provides nutrients to your hair and guarantees fewer split ends. Using Olive oil on a regular basis can also relieve your dandruff. It is a great exfoliator! Ladies, you can remove dandruff or scaly skin by applying a mixture of olive oil and sea salt to the dry skin or scalp.dandruff-590x442 Wait a minimum five minutes and rinse away the flaky skin or dandruff. Voila you will reveal a healthy scalp and/or skin!! Don’t take this to the bank but I guarantee that you will breathe much easier with a relieved scalp lol.

Every female encounters the time when washing make-up off is a daunting task. I guess you already figured my solution, and your absolutely right! Using Olive oil to remove your make-up is not only fast and efficient but will make your skin glow! If you suffer from dry nails and cuticle issues P1040467 you can drop a few drop droplets of olive oil onto your cuticles and watch your nails transition from dry to healthy. Your cuticles will plump up and your nails will shine. (You can also use this tip for the man in your life, and your toe nails too!)

Olive oil is truly God’s oil. The product is timeless! Remember you can also replace butter and cooking oil with it and watch your health transform! I bet your grandmother used to bless everything with it also, lol! And if she is anything like my grandmother I bet she blessed every door knob and threshold with her olive “holy” oil, and might of made you drink some too! So whether you use all of these tips or just one; our product of the week has a place in your life!!! See yaIMG_9466 Phatty!!!!

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