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Werk Your Work Clothes: Cubicle Cute

5 Ways To Werk Your Work Clothes

Sometimes I see my coworkers push the limits of our dress code in ther desire to get cubicle cute. I’ve seen skirts and dresses too short, heels too high, and inappropriate tops. On one casual Friday,  I’ve even seen a coworker wear sweatpants.

Or the equally as bad other end of the spectrum, when people just dress like a granny, in an effort to look conservative. Just bad! Although I am a grandmother, there’s no granny dressing here!

Here’s how I got cubicle cute. To add some flavor I went with these “everything” pink pants from Ashley Stewart. When I say everything, I mean they are every- thang! They wear like slacks, and are comfortable like leggings! The blush color is great for spring, yet they are warm enough to hold up to the Artic Blast tempeture of my office!  Instead of a regular cami, I went with this white faux leather cut out cami from Lane Bryant. My classic black blazer from Lane Bryant, nude heels from Nine West, and white faux pearls from Walmart anchor the look.

Werk Your Work Clothes

Werk Your Work Clothes

Werk Your Work Clothes

Blazer, simular pants, Top sold out, Wide Nude Heels

This blazer is one on of my favorite items in my wardrobe right now. Its just the right touch to keep my jeans office appropriate on casual Friday, and it still looks great with slacks, or over a skirt or dress. Now keep it cubicle cute, but stay out of HR lol!



Ashley Nell Tipton Capsule Collection For Boutique+ at JCPenney


Ok ladies this is it! Finally stylish clothes created for plus sized women by a plus sized women! Ashley Nell Tipton has done it again! The ready to wear plus sized godmother has unveiled her 2016 boutique collection for JC Penney and it’s  hotter than ever! And guess what? She used real plus sized women of every shape, height, and size! Bravo to Miss Ashley! Take a peak below…oh yeah don’t be shocked she used some of our favorite real women! 😍

Holiday Look Books For Every Curvy Girl

Wow, can you believe the year is almost over? Where did the time go! Are you ready for the onslaught of Holiday Parties, Company Dinners, and End Of The Year Girlfriend Catch Up Chats? I know I’m not!

So what will you be wearing? Need a little help? Here are a few look books from some of my favorite curvy girls.

Each look book has outfit choices for different types of events. Now there are different types of curves, and everything doesn’t work for every body. These are some of my favorites bloggers and they all have different body types. Positive body acceptance is all about knowing you are not like anyone else yet you are good enough as you are.

I know people get all crazy about body types. Personally I think it’s a great way to find the best silhouettes and looks that accentuate the positive as well as camouflage the flaws. Yes we all have flaws! Self perceived or real.

Im not going to label the body types, so I’ve separated them by video length.

Check out these curves:

Looks for dinners, parties, and clubs.

Looks for dinners, semi formal events, and holiday parties.

Looks for dinners, semi formal events, and holiday parties

Looks for informal dinner, holiday parties, semi formal events, and glam brunches.

Don’t they look great! These look books are a guide but by all means make it look like you!

You can always find more style inspiration on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! Here’s to a fabulous Haute Holiday!

Spring It On Me: Phat and Fab trends For Spring 2015

From April showers to May flowers, Spring is upon us! Although it may not feel like it yet, before you know it we will be dawning much less coverings. Shorter skirts, lighter jackets, and much more skin on display. That being said here are some of our favorite Spring 2015 Fashion Trends to make you look Phat and Fab with no fuss! Who has time for the fuss, not us!

This being the month of showers it’s no wonder the Rain Coat is in style, I myself love a double breasted Trench with a great umbrella. Or you may like this Isabelo Taledo Ruffle Hem Trench from Lane Bryant. We will be in and out of the showers no need to look like a rubber ducky.
Speaking of rubber duckys, Yellow will be on trend if you choose to sport a yellow rain coat or trench.
Floral and Gingham are the prints to be seen in! I know what you’re thinking “Grandma Gear”. Well think again these are not your imagegrandmothers patterns here, we are seeing bold floral prints and gingham in skirts, bags dress, coats, and all the like this spring.

imageIn fact I scored a floral clutch from one of the second hand stores in my area for little or nothing. So if you’re a little pattern shy just put it in the bag. Check out this gingham pencil skirt from Torrid. I love it! And it fits like a glove.

imagePrints period will be in! I saw a quote from Steffy Fullstyle on her guest blog post for igigstyle, which said “you should choose the print based on the size of your facial features. If you have big features do big prints, and if you have small features choose a smaller print.” Hmmmm I didn’t know that. So whether you choose floral, check, gingham or polka dots, you’ll be rocking it your way and that’s always the best option!

Boho imageChic will be blasting in from the past, I love this trend! You know why right? Need I say effortless! No fuss just fab! I love the Kimonos, The Pendant Necklaces, and the Fringe. This trend has Saddle shaped bags and yes the platform shoe is back. So get Hipppie to it! See what I did right there, you get it Boho is the modern Hippie . * cracking up*

imageOne trend that I am not so fond of for obvious reasons to those who know me is Head to Toe White. Yeah I might try it, but I doubt I it will make it into rotation unless I buy a lot of white. I admire people who wear white, but it’s just not for me. Oh and yes big girls look delicious in white! Like a big old glass of ice cold milk in the morning! Lol!

Don’t for get to add a little sparkle with your statement earrings, chokers, and very femme handbags. I am not a belt wearer but I may try one of those Obi belts.image

I’m all about adding to what you already have, I’m not one of those girls that buy a whole new wardrobe every season. So add a few pieces and call it peace! If you choose wisely you can bring these pieces out year after year. Or better yet sell them or give them away and make a coin or two for new pieces.
imageThe jeans are still skinny and distressed, as pictured here by Kim of  Naturally Fashionable, so you can still rock last year’s jeans and look great. I love a flat shoe and we saw a lot of flats on the runway, thank God! Sneakers for some have never left but they will be more popular with the continuing sporty trend. Tule skirts and Shirt Dresses are still here!
Remember confidence is always the best accessory, so put on your best you and it will always WERK!

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See Ya Phatty!