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40 Year Old Makeup Rookie: Makeup Rookie Makeup Tips

Okay so I’m not forty anymore, but none the less I am a makeup rookie. As with many other things my face isn’t as tight and bright as it use to be. In my twenties and thirties my makeup regimen consisted of a clean face, some eyeliner, and some lip gloss! But as I am getting older and entering into a new phase in my life, I find myself wanting a little more! I’ve always worn special occasion makeup, but I never made it part of my everyday life. Besides I wasn’t any good at applying it, so I just left it alone.

Fast forward to right around last Thanksgiving, for the first time ever I went and sat at the Mac counter and asked them to give me a “face”. Now unlike past trips to the counter, I wanted this one to be one that I could duplicate on my own. So that meant, no contouring, now brows, and not too many steps. I explained to the lady that I didn’t want to look pasty, and I wanted it too look natural. It need not take up anymore of my precious morning minutes! To my delight she did it!

And it’s quick and easy! You can’t mess this up!

40 year old makeup rookie tips

First, I use the Mac Prep & Prime fix spray as the base. It acts as a moisturizer, and it has some shimmering things in it! It’s just the thing to add some sparkle to your morning!

40 year old makeup tips

Second, I use the Mac Lightful C tinted Moisturizer. Like I said, no contouring, or clowning, very little blending need. But you get great coverage, and it doesn’t settle into the creases and lines of my 40 plus face!

40 year old makeup tips

Next I prep my lashes with the Mac false lash primer- I’m getting use to this. I love the results, but it does make my lashes feel stiff. But, my husband has been looking into my big eyes for years and when ever I wear this primer he reminds my how much he loves my eyes! #itsawinner

40 year old makeup tips

Then I do my lips. I cover my entire lip with the pencil first, then I apply the All Fired Up lipstick. I love lippies, so this is probably the easiest part for me. I use the beet liner with reds and pinks, so the all fired up gets some extra heat from the beet liner,lol.

40 year old makeup tips

40 year old makeup tips



Here are the rookie makeup  tips she gave me:

  • Stick with a tinted moisturizer instead of trying to figure out layering and contouring. It gives just the right amount of coverage for my freckles, and spots, but it doesn’t look pasty! As I said before, powders can settle into your lines and make you look older. And for once in my life the color matches my “waffle colored skin” perfectly!
  • Use a primer under my mascara to make my lashes look longer. Yeah cause I can’t do the falselys either. This one goes on white, I let it dry while I put on my tinted moisturizer.
  • Fill in my entire lip with the lip pencil before applying my lipstick. This makes the color last longer. Who knew? I’m truly from the eighties so I only used my lip pencil on the edges of my lips. I thought lip liner was only a liner!
  • Use a translucent powder to help add glow, and set the makeup. Again who knew, lol!

She did it in a little under 5 minutes, so you know I was sold! As I was leaving I saw a young lady buying the finishing powder that I had, and her skin looked radiant! I asked her what she used and she told me about the “fix” spray so I bought that too. I use it under the tinted moisturizer.

From start to finish, in less than 15 minutes I put my new face on! 40 year old Mak tips

Nailed it!

As we shed our clothing and bring bounce back to our curls, we need to ditch those deep wine and black polishes! So keep reading and see how we “Nailed It”.  When you revamp your closet don’t forget to revamp your polish collection too! This Spring your favorite polishes are back, they’ve been tweaked just for us!image

imageDuring Fashion Week, clear top coats and sheer creams adorned with designs and/or glitter dominated the runway. We also plenty of white nails! Are you bold enough to rock this look with your little white dress? imageAs the temperature rises the classic nudes and bright colors are back so if you aren’t fan of the bare look just stick to what you know.

I really love a good red polish.image Red is a color you can rock every season, so I keep that in heavy rotation throughout the year. Since its Spring be sure to use your brighter reds straying away from the burgundy family. Back in October the Mrsphatandnaptural team attended the circle of sisters expo in NYC, where Erica Campbell (a favorite around these parts) debuted her new collaboration with Color Club Nail Lacquer EC X CC.image Ohhhhhhhh did I love this set! I have the catwalk red and the gingerbread glitter gold. I will still rock them this season !

Glitter’s and Matte’s are very popular in the warmer months, and I would go with Color Club or MAC nail Lacquer. Lacquers are very thick so the glitter and Matte’s coat better. imageI mean did you ever buy a pretty glitter polish and have to coat your nail time and time again? For me it’s annoying because the glitter spreads out and it’s never what I envisioned. But with a nail lacquer being so thick with one or two coats your nails are fully covered and it looks great (especially when you can’t get to your local nail salon!) Plus I love the textured look you get from the Matte and glittered lacquer!image

April and May always brings out our favorite pastel nails hues such as Blues, lilacs, soft pink, etc. but remember pastels are very thin so they require multiple layers. imageAlso this is the time for corals, orange, and all pinks. Neutral tones have outgrown the plain beige. Different tones of browns and grays have joined this family and should almost always be paired with a shimmer. Look for an iridescent imagepolish if glitter isn’t your thing but you still need a pop of glitz! Keep in mind that pastels, shimmers, and iridescent polishes are very thin so these should be your go to imagechoice if you are in a hurry because they will dry quickly!

I really love polish! A good nail color can set an outfit off. I love just looking down and seeing my nails look so pretty. It’s something so feminine and satisfying about it. I know that it’s purely something for me, my man always says no man cares what his girl nails looks like as long her hands aren’t rough lol!image

To be honest this is one of those areas that I have “found money”. I used to spend $110 a month on my bimonthly mani / pedi. But after completing the Live Richer Challenge earlier this year, I decided to add that money to my long-term savings account for one year. So that’s $1300 a year that I have “found”, but I can’t bear to have bare nails!

I know I gave Color Club a big shout out, I’m new to their line thanks to Erica Campbell and I loved it! I washed dishes, did hair, changed diapers (lol) and it took days to chip!image

I haven’t graduated to the whole advanced nail art. By this I mean 3d designs such as pearls, hoops, and chains. I’m still a French manicure or a flower and a few lines kind of girl if I’m feeling fancy. But this daring look is centered around the art, the polish is usually nude.image

imageI don’t want to see any dark nails reminding of this cold winter we endured! Go out and get some polish and #springitonme for a feature. But make sure your stroke game is proper if you don’t have time to get to the salon lol. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Pinterest!

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