New Year, new me? Nope! Same me, but always pushing for greatness! I know with each January many of us make resolutions or short-term goals and fitness may just be one of them. Guess what? I lost 5 pounds already! Yay me! Of course, it isnโ€™t my ultimate goal, but it is an accomplishment! With baby number three I gained 40 pounds and the weight was so easy to gain yet hard to lose. Here we go, letโ€™s get it!

Eat, Eat, Eat- Often we think we need to diet to lose weight and by dieting we tend to eat less. But instead, we should be thinking quite the opposite. Eating frequent small meals and snacks will keep you on track. Most importantly you should not miss breakfast. I know youโ€™re thinking, duh! But for someone like me, breakfast is not my favorite meal, and I must remind myself to eat it. But breakfast is the most important meal, and should be your heaviest meal.

No Excuses– We all have the same 24 hours each day. Of course, how we spend those hours are all different, but we have to prioritize our time. No matter how busy any of us are, we can always find 20 minutes. I know you are probably thinking finding 20 minutes is not that easy. I know, especially as a mom, but we owe that to ourselves to carve out that time. You can even divide your time, maybe 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.

Strength Train– Cardio is amazing for weight loss, but strength training is like the older sister who knows better. Strength training is hard on the body and exhausting, and literally tears your muscles apart. BUT it will change your body the most, turning the fat into muscle. Remember it is not about how many pounds the weight that you are using is, but simply the repetition that has the most impact. So, start out light, take it slow but serious, and learn the correct form. I currently own 5lb free hand weights and a 10lb kettlebell and they are getting the job done.

Think Ahead- Like most things in life, you are more successful when you plan ahead. This is important for your fitness journey since we usually make not so good healthy choices at the last minute. Maybe youโ€™re like me and not really into meal prepping for the week, so make more of that healthy dinner and enjoy some for lunch the next day! Also pick a time for working out and stick to it. If we sit around waiting for the moment we โ€œfeel like itโ€, we wonโ€™t get it done!

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall– Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and study your entire body. If you study your body, you will begin to see subtle changes that does not reflect on the scale. I lose inches easier than I do pounds, so seeing it in the mirror makes me feel good. But each day I look at my entire body and look at what has changed and what I want to change. Remember we must love ourselves through our whole journey or we will never be happy with ourselves.

Research- Reading is fundamental right? As you continue this journey find what works for you, because what works for you may not work for me. Learn how to exercise different parts of your body. Eat right for your blood type or lifestyle. Keep up with your favorite blogger, author, influencer. Sometimes the best motivation is someone elseโ€™s journey.

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Step Away- If this journey was easy, I wouldnโ€™t fall off the train so often, lol. But we must make the conscious decision to step away from the things that are not good for us. Making the decision to step away will make it easier to make the best choices. Surround yourself with people who understand and respect your journey. Step away from the numbers on the scale and focus on the journey itself.


The most important thing is to remember to love yourself above all. This journey is not about hating who you are and becoming someone new, but instead loving yourself now! Loving yourself enough to do what is better for your body. Thank you for following my ups and downs with this journey and letโ€™s continue to gain together!

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