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Let’s Celebrate Mrsphatandnaptural Turns 3!

Mrsphatandnaptural Turns 3 years old today! Whoo hoo! I may not be where some have risen to in 3 years, but I’m still here! Over these 3 short years I have found many new friends both online and in person. I’ve attended, held, and hosted many events. I’ve even traveled to 2 states that I had never been to for just to attend Plus Sized Fashion and or Natural Hair events. I’ve have also been featured on a few online sites, namely Essence.com.

Still I’d have to say the biggest “get” from the last 3 years of blogging has to be tapping into a supportive sisterhood that I didn’t even realize existed. They are an encouraging, loving, creative bastion of knowledge and experiences that I can’t seem to go a day without…( okay so I’m a social media junkie) lol. That aside I love being apart of this collective!


As I move forward with Mrsphatandnaptural some things will change. In the spirit of serving those who need what I’m cooking up, I will commit to staying honest, current, and open to God using me. I will continue to give you all the tips tricks and styles of the latest conversation. I will do the product reviews and include you into my battle with this belly! But I will also share with you my love for God and all things good for your soul!
Remember to celebrate yourself! And just know God doesn’t make any mistakes, and that includes you!

Plus Sized Street Style : Classic Red Trench Graphic Tshirt & Jeans Type

Trends come and go but classic style lasts forever

Hello March! Well by the calendar Spring is on the way. But by the thermometer, it’s not quit that time yet! I’m not one of those girls who follow all the trends. Instead I like to add a few trends to my classic wardrobe so it lasts and I always look up to date.

This Red trench is about 5 years old. It has a classic cut so it never goes out of style. I love the gold buttons and the red color that give it just the added touch to keep it complimentary.

Black Girls Are Lit 🔥
Black Girls Are Lit 🔥

Ever since I could remember, I’ve been most comfortable in a tight pair of jeans and a snug T-shirt. In my younger years they would most definitely be paired with a pair of hot kicks ( depending on where you are from you probably call them sneakers or tennis shoes). As an over 40 year old woman, I still love my jeans and T-shirt, but today I pair them with a sexy knee boot. These wide calf over the knee boots are from Ashley Stewart. The perforated leather clutch is Thrifted a few years ago. The black Jeggins are also from Asley Stewart.

Black Girls Are Lit! 🔥
Black Girls Are Lit🔥
Black Girls Are Lit 🔥
Black Girls Are Lit 🔥


Black Girls Are Lit🔥

Black Girls Are Lit 🔥

This is one of my favorite T-shirts. I am a self proclaimed T-shirts snob. I am very funny about the fit and feel of my T-shirts. Again, they need to feel classic and timeless. For me this graphic tee from Alldemshades.com is the hottest. As you can see I love the saying “Black Girls Are Lit🔥” . I remind my self of that everyday!  Now I’m not saying any other girls aren’t, but I don’t know about them. But what I do know is, even without Michelle in the White House, even without Taraji winning the Oscar, even without Beyoncé winning  the Grammy

Black Girls Are Lit🔥 💋


Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself: I’m Not A Blogger, I’m A Resource

What’s good my good people? It’s been a minute since I’ve posted. It’s been 7 weeks, and in blog life that like 2 years lol. Allow my to reintroduce myself.

My name is Uhura. I am the founder of Mrsphatandnaptural, and I’m not a blogger. I’m a resource.

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself
Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

My hiatus started with me trying to find my way through mourning the loss of a good friend. I told myself I needed to take some time to deal with what I was feeling. The days rolled into weeks and here we are! During these weeks I had to reevaluate my direction and revisit my motivation for starting this platform.

Here’s my why: Originally the idea started out of my frustration in trying to find a dress for a friend’s wedding.I felt as if there were limited options for me. Most of the dresses weren’t flattering, and even fewer were fashionably up to date. Everything I found made me feel older, bigger, or out of fashion. I was so discouraged by the process that I ended up not going to the wedding. When I began my transition to natural hair, I struggled with finding the right products, routine, and regime to get my hair healthy and fit for public viewing. I knew I had to do something for other women struggling with these issues.

I'm Not A Blogger

I'm Not A Blogger image

I'm A Resource
I’m A Resource


It is God’s will I have a blog. My objective is first and foremost to honor my purpose and spread the word of God’s Love. Second is combination showcase and information platform for my Sisters. This has been such a blessing to me, I have virtually and physically meet so many people whom have enriched my life. My prayer is that I have done the same for someone else. I hope you love the ride as much as I do. Thank you for being with me.

Be Blessed

Ashley Nell Tipton Capsule Collection For Boutique+ at JCPenney


Ok ladies this is it! Finally stylish clothes created for plus sized women by a plus sized women! Ashley Nell Tipton has done it again! The ready to wear plus sized godmother has unveiled her 2016 boutique collection for JC Penney and it’s  hotter than ever! And guess what? She used real plus sized women of every shape, height, and size! Bravo to Miss Ashley! Take a peak below…oh yeah don’t be shocked she used some of our favorite real women! 😍

Welcome To Glamrock: Frugal Fashion Plus Sized Look Under $25

I’m sure it’s no secret that being a stylish plus sized woman is not cheap. It seems that paying more just goes with the territory. It’s even worse for me because I shop with my ears. If you can imagine I’m just walking through a particular store and I start hearing things speaking to me. “Psst hey over here” ” take me home with you”. Sometimes trying it on will help me make the decision to buy or not to buy, and other times it’s so right for me that I just have to get it. I usually set a limit per piece of what I will spend. Such as I don’t want to spend $39.00 for a t-shirt! Yeah that’s just crazy-town! WelcomeTo Glamrock

Now, when that piece that’s calling out to me has a markdown price, there’s almost nothing that’s going to keep me from owning it! That’s what happened with this Glam Rock look. The entire look was only $25 at Burlington Coat Factory! The vest and the top are size 2x and the bottoms are 3x. This particular store has a decent plus size section. I shop both Women’s and Junior’s. The fur vest was the most expensive (if I can even use tWelcome To Glamrock hat word) it was $14.99.       I love these faux leather leggings ( yes I wear leggings, and I look great in them) they were a steal at $4.99 and the top was $5.99. That’s like getting a whole outfit for the price of my favorite jeans at 50% off. **tilts head and winks eye**. Well, what can I say, somethings are just worth the price.

Fashion can be frugal, and even plus sized fashion can be affordable and stylish. Now one word of caution when you find these low low prices you have to try them on. Very often there could be some fit issues. I always make sure the bottom of my shirts hits around the middle of my hips. That way it’s probably low enough in the back to cover some booty, and long enough in the front to cover my lower belly. The waist on bottoms is always my concern, sometimes it’s cut small but the legs fit great. That’s what works for me, but if you feel great in it, by all means get your Glam Rock on.
For more on how to look great in your clothes check out this post ( Plus size mistakes) .Welcome To Glamrock

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See ya

Fall Of Pretty Tomboy: Cuffed Jeans, Blazers & Booties

This Fall look reminds of my childhood days rolling my pant legs up so I could race and play with the boys in my neighborhood. I would roll those wide leg jeans, (yes I’m a 70’s baby) or cords up in a second to race them on my bike, on foot and occasionally to hand out good ole mind changing “so you think you can beat me because I’m a girl” beating.

Pretty Tomboy Then one day, when I was about ten or eleven years old, all that changed. I came home from school and my cousin who was living with us at the time, brought home a friend from school. He was the cutest thing I’d ever laid eyes on. This was the first time I worried about being pretty. I remember thinking how glad I was that I looked pretty because it was picture day at school. I’m gonna’ leave the rest of that story for another day, but let’s just say thirty years and four sons later, he still makes me glad I look pretty.

Although I have always loved all things frilly, I’ve never been a girly girl. I don’t subscribe to the wear once philosophy, I believe in building a wardrobe that serves many purposes. I am most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. So this look is inspired by my favorite wardrobe items. A well fitting pair of jeans is a curvy girls best friend. If they are the right cut and fit it will show off her assets and camouflage her flaws. When paired with these fringe wedge heel booties, (photos cannot capture the fabulosity) and my favorite swing blazer, this look has just enough pretty to soften the tomboy without losing the comfort. I love this swing blazer because it’s comfortable and versatile. This one fits right down to my hip, so it camouflages my mutant

Pretty Tomboy
Pretty Tomboy

characteristics (the second belly) lol. The large cuffs also lends itself to the coulattes trend of this year.

Between the comfort of this look and the fit of my jeans, this look has the right amount of pretty to keep my inner tomboy feeling Pretty yet comfy!

The jeans are flared leg, which I have said before are one of my favorite fits, because it accommodates my thick thighs. (similar).

The blazer is from my closet. (similar)

The shirt is a cami of which I have a lot in every color and length.

The booties are from Ashley Stewart or (similar)

I chose sparkly jewelry because I love the ideas of what I call “pretty hard” it’s like wearing this large pave sparkly necklace with jeans and a tee. Or adding a dress over your jeans.

Bonus: Pretty Hard Look
How about paring your favorite little black dress, old faithful obi belt and the same jeans.Pretty Hard

By wearing them long it adds a little more ‘pretty’ but their still the same comfy jeans.

Whether you are a girly girl or a pretty tomboy, have fun with your look and keep all things pretty.

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Fall With Style

Was this not one of the best summers that we’ve had in a long time? I know it has been for me, but atlas, we bid adieu to summer.

So we have officially entered the Fall of 2014. It seems that we have been seeing articles and posts about it for the last 6 weeks. And wouldn’t you know it, here’s another one. As we bring the first week of autumn to a close I thought it fitting to get a look at the fall favs from New York Fashion week.fallwithstyle

Get the most out of your wardrobe by adding a few pieces to update your existing items. If you read my post on Playing Fall Keeps you will see how to transition your summer looks into fall. I noted some wardrobe basics that will help you stretch your looks.


So you got your basics, you have your transition tips, now what?
In this post I’ll give you the newest trends so you can Fall With Style. According to all those in the know, these are the items colors and themes you want to add to your stash.




“Fall Goes Pop” To quote Monif C. Pop of color that is. The colors for this season are as rich and deep as I aspire to be, lol. They have fluid names like merlots, cognac and sangria. Royal and cobalt blues replace the basic navy blue. Don’t be afraid to wear colors on your bottom either. For so long we have conditioned ourselves to wear black or dark bottoms. I say give it a shot of life. Wear the sangria pants or the cobalt capris, heck I know for myself I love a printed bottom.


The Bold and the Beautiful– Be bold wear prints and patterns, they are very much the look. I even have a pair of black and white striped pants in heavy rotation. They feel good and after I got the first 5 compliments, I knew this was a look that was working for me. Whether you wear stripes or abstract prints, small or bold prints that is up to you.

Don’t Be Mad Wear Plaid– I know what you’re thinking Lumber Jack right. That’s cool, but there are so many plaids, such as this Eloquii Tartan plaid coat, or Lane Byant plaid cape coat. DSW has a pair of smallprint plaid Madden Girl Zumba booties that are so cute.




Put Your Cape on Your Back and Be Super Bad- Capes and more capes, cape coats, shawls and all. This look appears very regal to me. There are capes on every level. We see cape coats from Lane Bryant to a vintage cape worn by Dionne Dean.

Knits Together- I’m not talking just your basic chunky sweater, I’m talking full on knitted sweater suits. Head to Toe knits. Sweater leggings, sweater dresses, and sweater skirts. plpno

Shine Bright Like a Diamond– Shinny metallics such as steel and aluminum grey are seen in all aspects of apparel. Of course shinny stones and studs are also accessorizing everything from clutches to jean jackets and pants.


Fur You and Me- Faux fur is seen in capes, shawls, and vests. I love my white faux fur vest from Rachel Zoe. Gabifresh rocked her fur as a faux fur stole, it reminds me of that old Hollywood glam of the 50’s and 60’s.

Let’s get Sporty- Not just your jersey from your favorite sports team, but there are very fashionable tops and pants that are sporty and sexy. The jogger leggings are what you will see a lot of. Tinkas Closet has a “Dreamer” Sweat shirt, I love it, but it doesn’t look like something you want to sweat in. So your getting sporty but it still sexy.sporty

Leather It Up– Leather pants, jackets dress, even leather accessories are in. Some are just leather accents such as a leather collar or fringe on a garment. You are going to see more and more leather dresses, skirts and of course jackets.


Hello Moto- Motorcycle jackets are my favorite trend of this season so far. For the most part they are flattering to all figures, and you can get them in varying styles to fit almost every occasion. I know they can be a bit pricey, but your just have to be on the lookout for good prices. I got an off white one around June from Lane Bryant for less than twenty dollars. It was 80% off! On the other hand I bought a black one from Burlington Coat Factory that cost over one hundred dollars. So in other words you gotta watch and grab. LOL!

It’s all in the Jeans– The jeans that make the cut this season are ripped and they are either skinnies or boyfriend. I myself love the skinnies. I love to be able to feel my jeans on me, and preferably I like them to have a little stretch so they hug the curves. Although the colors vary, they are mostly distressed. I get most of my jeans from Burlington. My plan is to hit the thrift store and find a reasonably inexpensive pair of well-fitting jeans and beat them up. If this works I will definitely be posting about it!plaid

Lastly keep your eyes appeal for satins, velvets, and chunky knit scarves. Purses are clutches or large doctor bags with unique accents. The Jewelry is black, and they shoes are going pointed.


I know it seems like a lot of information, and maybe you can’t figure out how to make it work for your style.Just know Everything is not for everybody, as my Daddy used to say what ever you find take it home and make it look like you!

See Ya Phatty!