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Plus Size Fall Fashion Favorites : Graphic Tee & Moto Jacket

Well peeps, it’s finally here! The Fall as we call it, my favorite season. I am a crispy air, colored leaf and hot beverage loving soul. Not to mention it’s my birthday season! One of my favorite things about fall is all the cute fall fashions that we have the pleasure of downing. Some of my favorite pieces of fall fashion are a great pair of jeans, a graphic t and a bomb jacket.


Every year for the last few years everyone talks about Moto jackets. I must have 3 or 4 but I always have the same issue, the arms are too tight. So when I ordered this Waterfall Moto Jacket ( it’s sold out but here is a similar Moto ) from Rebdolls, the first thing I checked was the fit on the arms. To my surprise, there is a knit panel under the arm that runs back of the arm which is perfect of you have larger arms. The Micro suede or fuax suede as they call it, makes it look kind of like a blazer to me. It’s definitely Boss Girl Chic. It’s an Office to After Hour piece.

This graphic tee is one that I’ve had in my closet for a few years, but it is really soft and hits me at just the right length to cover my stomach. I picked it up at Forever 21. I don’t often shop there because most of the items I get seem to run small.

Now my favorite piece of this simple fall look is the dark denim. BTW I love when I hear the trend spotters say things like denim is in this season. Lol, when has denim not been in? IDK, I’ve always been a jeans and T-shirt girl. But back to these jeans, they are RWN by Rawan. I’ve never heard of them before I received them in my Curvycon swag bag. They will run you a pretty penny at $78. They are about the same quality as the Torrid jeans, which I’ve said in the past are my most favorite plus size jeans. I have to admit, I find myself reaching for these instead of my Torrid skinnies. They have the perfect amount of stretch, and they are all day comfortable.

The dark wash allows me to get away with wearing them in the office for a not so impromptu casual Thursday. In fact replace the graphic T with a white button up and that’s it. Casual Thursday on deck! I topped the look off with a laced ballet flat. This season shoes are pointed toe again. These are from Asos.com.  I love that they carry wide width shoes. Now even if you are a little weary about being shoes online, you can rest easy because they carry wide and so chances are they will fit perfect.


If you’ve read all the way to the bottom, don’t mind my face! I just noticed it looks like I’m aggravated, but I’m not. Anyway what are some of your favs this Fall? Hit me in the comments and let me know.

Finally Fall Fashion : Daytime Sequins, Slouchy Boots, And Camo!

Yes, it’s finally starting to feel like Fall! So you know what that means, the best of the best in fashion! Only Fall allows us to rock our cutest wears layered upon layer. This Fall one of the things your going to see is daytime sequins. Who knew you could rock a sequin dress with almost knee boots 😜 and an Army coat? Well me of course! It’s the ultimate pretty tomboy.

You will see these glitter bombs of sequins on everything, from jeans to sweaters, and yes even on a camouflage dress!

In the spirit of too much is never enough, I went ahead and styled the sequined dress from Ashley Stewart, with some slouch boots, and an Army coat which I got from Lane Bryant. I picked the Steve Madden Camo tote up over the summer on one of my Thrifty Treasure Hunts from Plato’s Closet.


The slouch boots and the Army coat gives the dress just the street cred it needs! If needed I can also style the dress with some tights and pumps for work, or take it all the way to the gutter with some combat boots!

So, I actually wore this same look to church with out the Army coat. I must admit, I love shinny things! I am loving this glitter bomb, daytime sequins trend! Are you feeling it? How are you going to rock it? Or if you are not feeling it, tell us why? Leave a comment and let know! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more Phattystyle!

Talk to you later, but until then keep on shining! ✨

5 Hot Fall Colors And How To Add Them To Your Plus Sized Wardrobe

Well it’s here! The Fall season is upon us. You get to sport the boots, sweaters, and jackets we all love! Although I’ll definitely be pulling out some of last season’s wears,I always added a few pieces from the new trends to freshen up my wardrobe. This year I’m going with some of Pantone’s hottest colors to keep me up to date.

Every year Pantone Institute delivers its report with the names and code numbers of the hottest colors for each season. This Fall the colors were lead by the Blue Color Family. Here’s their official statement:

The desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism have inspired a Fall 2016 color palette that is led by the Blue family.

Other than blue jeans, I’m really not a fan of blue…however there are quite a few colors on the wheel I am loving! Now you know I’m not trying to break the bank, so most of these pieces are well under $100.  Here are my five favorite colors of the Pantone Fall 2016 Colors :

Warm Taupe

Fall 2016 Pantone Colrs

How to add it to your Plus Sized Wardrobe:

  • Boots- Wide calf “Circle Over The Knee Boots” are from Ashley Stewart $ 47.70 and the size range is 8-12
  • Hat – ” Tassel Brand” floppy hat Ashley Stewart for $ 29.50
  • Jeans- Fashion To Figure ” Chipmunk Skinnies” $42.90 size 12-24 they are BOGO %50 Or 2 pair for $ 64.35 !
  • Polish- OPI “Over The Taupe” for $9.00
  • Lip – Revlon Ultra HD Matte in Forever for $7.99

B T dubs; I have this brand of lippies in another color and I love it. Kinda like a cross between lipgloss and lipstick. It lasts long, feels smooth, and isn’t tight like some matte lippies.

Potter’s Clay

Fall 2016 Pantone Colrs

How to add it to your Plus Sized Wardrobe:

  • Coat – Shark Bite Belted Trench is from Ashley Stewart for $ 79.50 sizes 12-26
  • Jeans – Ultra Soft Jeggins are from Ashley Stewart priced at $ 39.50 sizes 12-26
  • Dress- Asos Curve 70’s Blossom wrap dress for $31.00 goes up to size 24.
  • Lip – Revlon Colorstay lip stain in ” London Posh” for $ 8.99
  • Polish- Essie called Potter’s Clay for $9

Spicy Mustard

Fall 2016 Pantone Colrs

How to add it to your Plus Sized Wardrobe:

  • Coat- Studio Neck Tie Fit and flare coat from Elouquii $ 199.99 40% off with code  AUTUMN sizes 12-28
  • Skirt – Side Elastic Ponti Skirt is from Ashley Stewart priced at $ 34. 50 sizes 12-26.
  • Shoes- Wide width Mid heel wedge are from Ashley Stewart for $29.70 sized from 8-12.
  • Lip- Poiz the color is “Daisy” priced at $15.99. I haven’t tried this brand yet…but I’m DEF buying a tube soon!
  • Polish- OPI it’s called ” The “IT” Color” it sells for $ 9.00

Aurora Red

Fall 2016 Pantone Colrs

How to add it to your Plus Sized Wardrobe:

  • Shoe  – Eloquii wide width Pointed Toe Loafer for $ 79.50 sizes 7-12. Use code AUTUMN for %25 off.
  • Jeans – Fashion To Figure ” Racing Rae” Skinnies $42.90 size 12-24 as above BOGO %50
  • Dress-Asos Curve Club L wrap dress for $24 goes up to size 24.
  • Lip – Revlon Ultra HD Matte in Passion for $7.99.
  • Polish- Essie called Maki Me Happy  for $9.00

Shark Skin

Fall 2016 Pantone Colrs

How to add it to your Plus Sized Wardrobe:

  • Coat – Asos Curve Wool blend Skater coat for $ 128.98 sizes 12-26
  • Shoe- Torrid wide width Cutout Lace Up flats priced at $ 36.50 sizes 6-11
  • Dress- Asos Curve Club L  Ribbed keyhole dress for $30.00 goes up to size 24.
  • Lip – Nyx Macaron lippie color is Black Sesame $6.00
  • Polish- Essie called Cashmere Bathrobe for $9.00

So there you have it! 5 of my favorite 2016 Fall Colors, complete with how, what, and where to get them straight into your closet! What are your favorite fall colors? Better yet, what trends are you loving this fall? Drop us a line in the comments!

Happy hunting!


Fall Flats: Cute Fall Flats For Wide Feet

Is it me or does it seem like the shoe industry has not caught wind of the whole #plusisequal #celebratemysize , #hereiam movement?

One of of the most frustrating parts of  my shopping experience is shoe shopping! Don’t get it twisted I absolutely love shoes, but as my body has gotten wider…so has my foot. On top of which I have a short foot. I’ve just about given up on finding my size shoe. However I can’t  give up wearing cute shoes.

I can’t tell you how many pairs I’ve shoes I’ve purchased worn once or twice, and given away! At times I’ve even purchased shoes a size and a half bigger. Yeah what woman wants to buy bigger shoes?  It’s a little easier in the spring and summer because sandals are more forgiving. But, through that old scientific method …trial and error, I found a few go to Fall styles that always pay off!


  • I generally look for neutral colors.
  • I choose trendy classics that move easily from business to casual.
  • I try on both shoes not just one.

Fall Flats


The Smoking Slipper

This one is from Chinese Laundry, I tend to buy black shoes for the obvious reason, they go with most of my wardrobe. The design of the Smoking Slipper gives the loafer look with out being as restrictive ( I also have a high instep…no loafers for me). The shoe trends are back to pointed toes so this one fits the current style. I purchased these a 1/2 size bigger ( just to be sure) at Burlington for $19.00. They retail for around $45.00, Frugal Frogirl in effect!

Chines Laundry Smoking Slipper
Chines Laundry Smoking Slipper

The Ballet Flat

In case you haven’t guessed these are my favorite Fall Flats! The design of the ballet flat is perfect for my wide foot. The round cut makes them fit like a glove! The picture doesn’t show it, but they are also patent leather which is so on trend this year! I picked these up at Ross For Less at a whopping $7.99, yup less than 8 bucks! Because they were a ballet flat I knew I could get my true size! Love love love!

Me Too Ballet Flat
Me Too Ballet Flat

The Pointed Flat

Yes leopard is a neutral! He he he…it is in my book. I just love the classic silhouette of this shoe. These are usually cut right above the toe which is right below the thickest part of my foot. As long as the front isn’t too narrow these are always a win! I got these on one of my lunchtime shopping trips to Burlington back in July. I scored them for $ 9.99. They were marked down from $24.99. Got that off season discount!

XoXo Soft Pointed Flat
XoXo Soft Pointed Flat


I know I could always go the more expensive route of custom made shoes. But as you can see I didn’t pay much for these shoes. Or I could pay to get them stretched but that’s also more expensive.

Sticking to these shapes allows me to stop throwing money out the window buying shoes only to give them away after 1 or 2 wears. Or worst yet taking up valuable closet space by keeping items that I can’t use! Or the worst, the ugly granny shoes…I’m too young for that!

Do you struggle finding shoes that fit the three main points, comfort, style, price? If so I’d love to hear from you! Hope this information helps! If so let me know!

Fall Keeps- Are You Playing IT

Keep some Summer into fall


Play Fall Keeps- Take Summer trends into Fall

Hey folks, it’s that time again, the change of the season! Time to get out the moth balls or naw? I never hear people talking about this these days but when I was growing up it was a tell tell sign of a wardrobe upgrade in my future! I was the youngest of all the grands and the 1st girl in 6 years. Lucky for me my Grandmother knew how to sew. That meant I could get my teen-aged cousin’s stuff even thought I was much shorter. I can just see my Grandma Nelson spending an entire day one Saturday out of each season “changing over our closets”. She would box up all the clothes from the current season and store them in the basement. In preparation of this event she would be stock piling boxes, garbage bags to line the inside of the boxes, tape and the dreaded moth balls. She would label the boxes with the name of the person that clothes are for and their age. I’m not sure how but she always seemed to be able to do every closet in the house in one day! Personally I loved this time of year because it usually meant I got some of my older cousin’s hand-me-downs, and she was the coolest!

Sorry i just had a momentary flashback…but I’m back. Okay so do you know that scripture that says “Train up a child in the way that they should go and when they get older they will not depart from it? All though this is the way I was trained, I must admit departed from it. I mean I do move my coats and sweaters to make room for sundresses, but that’s about it. I usually try to get as much life out of my garments as I can. I mean I’m not the girl wearing cords in the spring, but I do wear my sandals and flip flops with some jeans in a minute.
Which brings me to my topic.

8 stylish ways to extend your favorite summer styles into autumn without falling into fall into faux pas territory.

#1 Transition that summer maxi trend into the cooler nights, by adding a distressed jean jacket or a leather blazer, on top of your maxi skirt or dress.

#2 Bring in your summer tops with some jeans and a jacket. fallmek

#3 Pair your colorful summer tanks with jeans and a cardigan or jacket.

#4 Pull down those cropped pants and leggings with some boots.

#5 Combine a chunky sweater with your flowing skirts and dresses.

#6 For shorter skirts and dress add some textured tights to keep those legs warm.

#7 Since knits are what is in this fall, leave those leggings and shorts out to go with your favorite sweater.

IMG_9853#8 And as long as the weather permits, my favorite, sandals with pants and Jeans…but please NO SOCKS!

So to pull this off there are some must haves to cushion your fall. Get it cushion your fall. LOL


  • Crisp white T-shirt…actually this is one of those all season items
  • Chambray or Jean Shirt
  • White Button up, because the cuts and collars change I would suggest a new one
  • Blazer or Leather Jacket
  • Denim Jacket
  • Trench Coat, I have a double-breasted red one that I love
  • Pencil or High-wasted skirt
  • Classic trousers
  • At least two pair of jeans, one dark and one distressed

Remember Jackets, Boots, and tights are your staples. Stay warm and fab. May you always be- Pretty Happy Active &  Totally Trendy see ya Phatty!