That Blessed oil, My ride or dry!

olive oil 2

Hey Phatty, I know we’re always getting flooded with the next “try this” product, and most of our closets or dressers are filled with so many things that we never use. Or even worse, products that we hate! Don’t get me wrong there are truly great products out there, but sometimes we over-look the items that we already have right in our very own kitchens! But why would we automatically think to check our cupboards for hair products? I can remember getting yelled at for over using something that was intended for food. I can’t imagine telling the adults that I needed some olive oil for my hair lol. But little did we know we were so clueless to the benefits of God’s oil! Historical and Biblical texts are proof that this healthy oil has always been intended for great use. All this time we didn’t know one important key to healthy beautiful hair was right in our households or in the grocery store! olive oil

Olive oil is beneficial for the entire body inside and out. The benefits for your hair are endless! All you need is a spray bottle, water, and a few tablespoons of olive oil. All naturals deal with humidity and frizz, and we all know how frustrating frizzy hair can be! Using Olive oil not only eliminates frizz, it also gives your hair great moisture and shine, while making your hair soft. Girl, don’t nobody want no dry and brittle hair lol.

Maybe you’re not a wash and go girl.Or you like to keep your hair in protective styles majority of the time. Don’t worry this post is still for you! You can use olive oil as a hot oil treatment during wash day. Applying olive oil to your scalp and sitting under the dryer for fifteen to twenty minutes after you wash and condition will give you vast improvement!beyonce-in-shower-with-shower-cap You can also use a spray bottle with your olive oil mixture to spray on your hair before you style (especially if you use the blow dryer after washing) to protect your hair.

Olive oil restores your hair strength, while preventing breakage. Also restoring hair bulbs and stimulating cell growth. Olive oil provides nutrients to your hair and guarantees fewer split ends. Using Olive oil on a regular basis can also relieve your dandruff. It is a great exfoliator! Ladies, you can remove dandruff or scaly skin by applying a mixture of olive oil and sea salt to the dry skin or scalp.dandruff-590x442 Wait a minimum five minutes and rinse away the flaky skin or dandruff. Voila you will reveal a healthy scalp and/or skin!! Don’t take this to the bank but I guarantee that you will breathe much easier with a relieved scalp lol.

Every female encounters the time when washing make-up off is a daunting task. I guess you already figured my solution, and your absolutely right! Using Olive oil to remove your make-up is not only fast and efficient but will make your skin glow! If you suffer from dry nails and cuticle issues P1040467 you can drop a few drop droplets of olive oil onto your cuticles and watch your nails transition from dry to healthy. Your cuticles will plump up and your nails will shine. (You can also use this tip for the man in your life, and your toe nails too!)

Olive oil is truly God’s oil. The product is timeless! Remember you can also replace butter and cooking oil with it and watch your health transform! I bet your grandmother used to bless everything with it also, lol! And if she is anything like my grandmother I bet she blessed every door knob and threshold with her olive “holy” oil, and might of made you drink some too! So whether you use all of these tips or just one; our product of the week has a place in your life!!! See yaIMG_9466 Phatty!!!!

Just me!! MrsPhatandNaptural!!

IMG_8192MrsPhatandNaptural was born out of my frustration in trying to find a dress for a friend’s wedding. The search was endlessly frustrating. I felt as if there were limited options for plus size women. Most options weren’t even flattering, and even fewer were fashionably up to date. I was so discouraged by the process that I ended up not going to the wedding. Everything I found made me feel older, bigger, or out of fashion. No matter how hard I searched, I could not find anything to fit my style in enough time for the wedding. Of course, I felt bad because this was a special day for someone I cared about. Over and over I would find what I was looking for, but just not in my size. IMG_8800This oh so repetitive journey led me to Pintrest. I created my Plump board. In itself this board has over 100 followers. I decided that I was going to find stylish plus sized fashion options as well as wardrobe building advice and highlight them and women who love them all in one place. Some years later I began my transition to natural hair. It was a very difficult process. I struggled with finding the right products and routine, to get my hair healthy and fit for public viewing. Finally I knew I had to do something for other women struggling with plus size fashion and/or natural hair. For me there was only one option, combination show case and information platform for my Phattys. I’ve created my own lane due to God’s will. Please join me in this fascinating journey and I hope you love the ride as much as I do. Thank you for being with me, See ya Phatty!IMG_8264 #mrsphatandnaptural #plussize #natural #puff #naturalhair #fashion #selflove

Fall Keeps- Are You Playing IT

Keep some Summer into fall


Play Fall Keeps- Take Summer trends into Fall

Hey folks, it’s that time again, the change of the season! Time to get out the moth balls or naw? I never hear people talking about this these days but when I was growing up it was a tell tell sign of a wardrobe upgrade in my future! I was the youngest of all the grands and the 1st girl in 6 years. Lucky for me my Grandmother knew how to sew. That meant I could get my teen-aged cousin’s stuff even thought I was much shorter. I can just see my Grandma Nelson spending an entire day one Saturday out of each season “changing over our closets”. She would box up all the clothes from the current season and store them in the basement. In preparation of this event she would be stock piling boxes, garbage bags to line the inside of the boxes, tape and the dreaded moth balls. She would label the boxes with the name of the person that clothes are for and their age. I’m not sure how but she always seemed to be able to do every closet in the house in one day! Personally I loved this time of year because it usually meant I got some of my older cousin’s hand-me-downs, and she was the coolest!

Sorry i just had a momentary flashback…but I’m back. Okay so do you know that scripture that says “Train up a child in the way that they should go and when they get older they will not depart from it? All though this is the way I was trained, I must admit departed from it. I mean I do move my coats and sweaters to make room for sundresses, but that’s about it. I usually try to get as much life out of my garments as I can. I mean I’m not the girl wearing cords in the spring, but I do wear my sandals and flip flops with some jeans in a minute.
Which brings me to my topic.

8 stylish ways to extend your favorite summer styles into autumn without falling into fall into faux pas territory.

#1 Transition that summer maxi trend into the cooler nights, by adding a distressed jean jacket or a leather blazer, on top of your maxi skirt or dress.

#2 Bring in your summer tops with some jeans and a jacket. fallmek

#3 Pair your colorful summer tanks with jeans and a cardigan or jacket.

#4 Pull down those cropped pants and leggings with some boots.

#5 Combine a chunky sweater with your flowing skirts and dresses.

#6 For shorter skirts and dress add some textured tights to keep those legs warm.

#7 Since knits are what is in this fall, leave those leggings and shorts out to go with your favorite sweater.

IMG_9853#8 And as long as the weather permits, my favorite, sandals with pants and Jeans…but please NO SOCKS!

So to pull this off there are some must haves to cushion your fall. Get it cushion your fall. LOL


  • Crisp white T-shirt…actually this is one of those all season items
  • Chambray or Jean Shirt
  • White Button up, because the cuts and collars change I would suggest a new one
  • Blazer or Leather Jacket
  • Denim Jacket
  • Trench Coat, I have a double-breasted red one that I love
  • Pencil or High-wasted skirt
  • Classic trousers
  • At least two pair of jeans, one dark and one distressed

Remember Jackets, Boots, and tights are your staples. Stay warm and fab. May you always be- Pretty Happy Active &  Totally Trendy see ya Phatty!

Wash Day and Four Shampoos under 12 dollars

WD = Washday #Poo

Every natural needs an effective hair routine that includes a good shampoo for WD (Wash day). It took me several months of hard times and dry hair to figure out what works for me and my mane piece. Coincidentally the most common question I get asked is what type of shampoo do I use…so I gather this is a very common issue for transitioners, and the newly natural. By the way I did not BC (Big Chop)I transitioned. This choice poses a unique set of obstacles depending on what condition your hair was in when you decided to check into CCR (creamy crack rehab). Therefore I decided to share the information that has gotten me to this point.

The frequency of your WD depends on your hair texture, the styling products you use and the condition of your mane. You may poo (shampoo) as often as you want too. Naturals that use heavier products, stylers and
butters may shampoo as often as once a week or prior to every styling session. Clean hair works best or me. So I like a WD just before I get a new style.

If you are the minimalists (one that uses lighter products) you may need to shampoo less frequently. Using the wrong products is a sure way to get to an unscheduled WD. If the product is not working well on your hair or makes it too kinky, greasy, or crunchy for your liking…a quick WD will give you a restart.

I shampoo when my is hair sticky or if I am getting a new style. Usually this is about every other week. Then I co-wash (use conditioner as a shampoo) at least once a week. I saturate my hair with conditioner, then rinse until the water runs clear. Usually I do this twice then spray my hair with vinegar and water then rinse out. I know a lot of people frown about not using shampoo but all I can say is don’t knock it until you try it. I may do a post about co-washing in the future. There has been so much said about it, all I can do is speak from my point of view. It works!

Additionally I will share some information about reasonably priced shampoos that work great for natural hair. Here are four shampoos under 12 dollars that you can get anywhere.
If you have chemically-treated hair, one of the best shampoos without sulfates is by Carol’s Daughter. This moisturizing shampoo not only reduces frizz, but it also gently cleanses and adds moisture to thirsty tresses without weighing hair down. You’ll love the hydrating properties of this gentle shampoo and the addicting vanilla fragrance! You can get it at Target for under 11$Shampoo

Naturals with curly locks will love this sulfate-free shampoo from Shea Moisture. Shea Moisture makes a great line of organic hair care and skin care products for the family. Try this curl and shine shampoo to moisturize, protect hair from heat and chemical damage, and strengthen add shine to thick, curly hair! Find this at most drugstores for about $10.

IMG_8975 (2)
Organix is another line of sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners and body care products. Their newest product from their line of hair care is Biotin & Collagen. This shampoo without sulfates also does not contain any parabens and is gentle on color-treated hair. If your hair is thin or feeling lifeless, this shampoo can help add volume and strength to your hair. It is often between 8 and 10$


I also love Mane ‘n Tail shampoo. It is an expensive shampoo. This one is not free, but it has co-surfactant (sealers that prevent drying. I have been using this since High School, and yes it really is intended or horses. Although there are many claims about this product making you hair grow, I can’t verify that. What I can say is it certainly softens your hair after just 1 or 2 uses. You can find this at most drug stores for under 10$mane

No matter how often you shampoo, moisture retention should be a top priority.

Pre-poo or not to pre poo, deep conditioner treatments, moisturizers, and leave-ins’ these are some of the topics I am researching now. Please stay tuned and feel free to share any questions, suggestions and comments. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.