Hey, ladies it’s been so long! I trust that you are all keeping it Fab and Fussless ;-). I know , I know it’s been awhile since we’ve posted but we’ve been working on our waistline! For the month of February we have dedicated ourselves to #mpnnojunk #28daychallenge and 25 days down with 3 more to go we have lost a total of 20 pounds! Whoop whoop! Yes we are proud of that, so we want to acknowledge our hard work lol! Of course 25 days sounds like a walk in the park but it is hard to challenge yourself and deprive your body of all of its favorite deliciously fatty foods. Yes some days we wanted to give up and drown ourselves in chocolate, imagebut we honored our challenge. Once the weight started to come off those carrot sticks definitely proved to be worth it girl. It just a few pounds but it is a start.

Our goal is no :

-Fast Food
-White bread
-White rice
Also we did commit to at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Although drinking plain water is best, if this is a challenge remember you can always add some frozen fruit to give it a little flavor. Woo and that no rice thing was a killer!  My people eat rice everyday! White rice! I must confess one of us  ate rice this month.

Now everyday wasn’t a perfect day and Valentines Day was a step back honestly, but the important thing was to get back on the wagon as soon as possible, keep trying and accomplishing a weight loss. To keep track of what we ate, we used the My Fitness Pal app on our phone.

You know we are quick to say we love the Curvy girl and we highlight ourselves as a hot piece, so our ultimate goal ain’t to be skinny, but to reward ourselves with great health and a few less rolls on our backs and inches on our tummy’s lol!image (And if giving up was ever an option at least I know my honey loves me as I am  ) lol it’s true though.

When the New Year came we mentioned trying to start a new goal of weekly exercising. http://mrsphatandnaptural.com/yup-its-2015-new-year-new-you/ so we have tried to stick to some kind of daily movement (cleaning the bathroom counts as burning calories too lol). imageIf you do not have the time to hit the gym always start your morning off with a warm up, just to get your blood flowing. As you already know we like to keep everything as simple as possible over here, so we like to find exercises that will get those calories burning in a short amount of time. On Pinterest I always find different workouts to do so my warm up is usually a 100 calorie burn:

-40 jumping jacks
-30 crunches
-20 squats
-10 push ups

The ultimate goal is to accomplish this five times a day, one dimageay lol! But definitely once or twice a day.

Also we have discovered the lazy girl routines. This allows you to watch your tv and burn calories during commercial break! I love two for one ideas! imageLet’s try and get these done 3-4 days a week and twice during each show for the night. Ok so that’s “The Have and the Have Nots” “Empire” and “Scandal” done .

Or you can dedicate a full thirty minutes to exercise and spend ten minutes on each target area.

-10 minutes arm exercise (3 reps each)
-10 minutes tummy exercises (3 reps each)
-10 minute leg exercises (3 reps each)image

So there really is no excuse to get moving, you can find the time! imageLet’s try and get fit! Share your progress with #fitphatty and every Friday we will talk about our progress. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/mrsphatandnaptural.com) and follow us on Instagram @mrsphatandnaptural!

See ya soon Phatty!

By Ja’nay Tiaira of mrsphatandnaptural.com

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