Inside influence: The Little Voice Inside You

We’ve all had the little voice inside us leading us down one road or another. Some people have told me, that as long as they can remember, they have listened to that little voice. In most cases these are some of the most successful people I know. One of my favorite artist, CeeLo Green, just dropped a new project called “Heart Blanche”. Basically it’s a play on the word we use for total control “Carte Blanche”. It’s about giving your heart total control. Let’s marinate on that thought….are you ready to go higher?Heart Blanche

The Holy Ghost, The Ancestors, The Gods, Your Knower, Oprah called it the Whispers, my dad use to call it his Higher Power, for me it’s my Inside Voice. Like so many others, for a long time I ignored it. Over and over I’d hear myself telling people, “something told me to do this, that, or the other”. The usual response was, “so why didn’t you”. Sooner or later I got the hint. Or as they say enough bricks fell on my head that I learned to dodge the bricks.

I know what your thinking “oh she hearing voices” lol. Yeah I get it, it might sound a little crazy if you’ve never listened to your inside influence. Or if you haven’t learned to trust your heart. That’s what it’s all about. The old folks use to say “know that you know, that you know” I call that a geechy-ism, but they were right as is in most cases. If you don’t learn to trust your heart, you will never reach your full potential. It might sound sappy or to some impossible, but listen to your heart, it will lead you to your joy! Just to be clear I don’t mean your emotions. I’m talking about that you inside that only you can feel. The all of you heart, emotional, intelligent, spiritual, conscious, talented, informed, and active.Heart Blanche

Kill That Noise

As you can imagine, if you are crowding your life with a bunch of “noises”, it will be hard to hear your own heart. By noise I mean any and all of those outside influences that make you question your ability and worthiness. I’m just gonna say “kill that noise”. Believe me, I spent ten years of my short life allowing outside events and other people’s decisions rule my life, and I was miserable.

Heart Blanche

Once I was forced to get quiet, because God will sit you down, I began to look around and realize, all the noises will still go on. I didn’t have to tend to every whim. Life still went on, and so did the noises. But not in my ear.




Here’s how I know it’s my Inside Influence :
Validates me
Opportunity meets my preparation
Intentions are clear
Choices are direct
End goal is my new beginning

You know your own V.O.I.C.E. Trust it, know that you know and be blessed.

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