If you don’t know, shopping for stylish plus sized clothes is no easy feat. Getting great quality without spending an arm and a leg is my goal. I’d rather pay for good quality than get cheap stuff that’s s bad quality. But when I can get both! All is well with my world!

Well I guess I’m kind of putting the cart before the horse here.  I haven’t done a review of my awesome experience at Thecurvycon. Yet I’ll be sharing some of my “next nothing” frugal fashion finds, thanks to discounts I received from thecurvycon. I scored quite a few goodies on the shopping floor. This cross-over tank top was free, yes free from Fashion to Figure for buying a pair of black jeans.

Plus Size Frugal Fashion

Fashion to Figure is one of the stores that returned from last year. They are one of my favorite stores. I was more than happy to go raking through those racks, especially for a buy 1 get 1 free! The top is a size 3x and it fits very comfortably. I usually don’t like the cross-over style because it tends to expose my lower belly and that’s no Bueno! But this one hits at just the right length. It’s just my kinda of boarder line casual, but I can dress it up type of style! I’m picturing it with some knickers too. This time I rocked it with a tube skirt and some fringe sandals, with a gold chain jewelry set.

Plus Size Frugal Fashion

The skirt and the sandals are from JCPenny. Ashlely Nell Tipton ( one of the headliners) has a partnership with JCPenny and they had some stations set up to decorate complementary tees they gave out, ( there goes that cart again). On the tables were coupons to get $20 off a $20 purchase. Yeah that sounds like free! I logged in on the Fourth Of July just to see if I could get some additional savings! Ding ding ding! What a score! The skirt was originally $60 marked down to $40 and 80% off clearance for the Fourth of July. After my Curvycon discount it was free! I got a size 3x and it fits great. It’s a tube skirt but it’s not clingy, which fits my shape well. I was a little weary of the stripes but once I tried it on I was sold.

Plus Size Frugal Fashion

The sandals were originally $50 and I ended up paying $15.99! They didn’t have wide with so I ordered a size 9 just to be safe! I wear an 8 wide when I can find it. Otherwise I get a 9 for the width.  My total savings from JCPenny was a whopping $110.00! My total cost for this look was $15.99! I know the quality of these items is good and they’ll last me a few season.

Now the thing with frugal shopping is sometimes you can’t duplicate it. I did my best to find links to comparable items in style and price.


Plus Sized Frugal Fashion

Shop This Style 

Top similar, Tube Skirt similar, Fringe Sandals JCPenny, Gold Chain Jewlery Set.

Do you love finding great quality clothes at exceptional prices? Where is your favorite place to find them? Drop us a line and let us know where you score! For now happy hunting!

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