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Play Fall Keeps- Take Summer trends into Fall

Hey folks, it’s that time again, the change of the season! Time to get out the moth balls or naw? I never hear people talking about this these days but when I was growing up it was a tell tell sign of a wardrobe upgrade in my future! I was the youngest of all the grands and the 1st girl in 6 years. Lucky for me my Grandmother knew how to sew. That meant I could get my teen-aged cousin’s stuff even thought I was much shorter. I can just see my Grandma Nelson spending an entire day one Saturday out of each season “changing over our closets”. She would box up all the clothes from the current season and store them in the basement. In preparation of this event she would be stock piling boxes, garbage bags to line the inside of the boxes, tape and the dreaded moth balls. She would label the boxes with the name of the person that clothes are for and their age. I’m not sure how but she always seemed to be able to do every closet in the house in one day! Personally I loved this time of year because it usually meant I got some of my older cousin’s hand-me-downs, and she was the coolest!

Sorry i just had a momentary flashback…but I’m back. Okay so do you know that scripture that says “Train up a child in the way that they should go and when they get older they will not depart from it? All though this is the way I was trained, I must admit departed from it. I mean I do move my coats and sweaters to make room for sundresses, but that’s about it. I usually try to get as much life out of my garments as I can. I mean I’m not the girl wearing cords in the spring, but I do wear my sandals and flip flops with some jeans in a minute.
Which brings me to my topic.

8 stylish ways to extend your favorite summer styles into autumn without falling into fall into faux pas territory.

#1 Transition that summer maxi trend into the cooler nights, by adding a distressed jean jacket or a leather blazer, on top of your maxi skirt or dress.

#2 Bring in your summer tops with some jeans and a jacket. fallmek

#3 Pair your colorful summer tanks with jeans and a cardigan or jacket.

#4 Pull down those cropped pants and leggings with some boots.

#5 Combine a chunky sweater with your flowing skirts and dresses.

#6 For shorter skirts and dress add some textured tights to keep those legs warm.

#7 Since knits are what is in this fall, leave those leggings and shorts out to go with your favorite sweater.

IMG_9853#8 And as long as the weather permits, my favorite, sandals with pants and Jeans…but please NO SOCKS!

So to pull this off there are some must haves to cushion your fall. Get it cushion your fall. LOL


  • Crisp white T-shirt…actually this is one of those all season items
  • Chambray or Jean Shirt
  • White Button up, because the cuts and collars change I would suggest a new one
  • Blazer or Leather Jacket
  • Denim Jacket
  • Trench Coat, I have a double-breasted red one that I love
  • Pencil or High-wasted skirt
  • Classic trousers
  • At least two pair of jeans, one dark and one distressed

Remember Jackets, Boots, and tights are your staples. Stay warm and fab. May you always be- Pretty Happy Active &  Totally Trendy see ya Phatty!

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