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Welcome To Glamrock: Frugal Fashion Plus Sized Look Under $25

I’m sure it’s no secret that being a stylish plus sized woman is not cheap. It seems that paying more just goes with the territory. It’s even worse for me because I shop with my ears. If you can imagine I’m just walking through a particular store and I start hearing things speaking to me. “Psst hey over here” ” take me home with you”. Sometimes trying it on will help me make the decision to buy or not to buy, and other times it’s so right for me that I just have to get it. I usually set a limit per piece of what I will spend. Such as I don’t want to spend $39.00 for a t-shirt! Yeah that’s just crazy-town! WelcomeTo Glamrock

Now, when that piece that’s calling out to me has a markdown price, there’s almost nothing that’s going to keep me from owning it! That’s what happened with this Glam Rock look. The entire look was only $25 at Burlington Coat Factory! The vest and the top are size 2x and the bottoms are 3x. This particular store has a decent plus size section. I shop both Women’s and Junior’s. The fur vest was the most expensive (if I can even use tWelcome To Glamrock hat word) it was $14.99.       I love these faux leather leggings ( yes I wear leggings, and I look great in them) they were a steal at $4.99 and the top was $5.99. That’s like getting a whole outfit for the price of my favorite jeans at 50% off. **tilts head and winks eye**. Well, what can I say, somethings are just worth the price.

Fashion can be frugal, and even plus sized fashion can be affordable and stylish. Now one word of caution when you find these low low prices you have to try them on. Very often there could be some fit issues. I always make sure the bottom of my shirts hits around the middle of my hips. That way it’s probably low enough in the back to cover some booty, and long enough in the front to cover my lower belly. The waist on bottoms is always my concern, sometimes it’s cut small but the legs fit great. That’s what works for me, but if you feel great in it, by all means get your Glam Rock on.
For more on how to look great in your clothes check out this post ( Plus size mistakes) .Welcome To Glamrock

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Fall Of Pretty Tomboy: Cuffed Jeans, Blazers & Booties

This Fall look reminds of my childhood days rolling my pant legs up so I could race and play with the boys in my neighborhood. I would roll those wide leg jeans, (yes I’m a 70’s baby) or cords up in a second to race them on my bike, on foot and occasionally to hand out good ole mind changing “so you think you can beat me because I’m a girl” beating.

Pretty Tomboy Then one day, when I was about ten or eleven years old, all that changed. I came home from school and my cousin who was living with us at the time, brought home a friend from school. He was the cutest thing I’d ever laid eyes on. This was the first time I worried about being pretty. I remember thinking how glad I was that I looked pretty because it was picture day at school. I’m gonna’ leave the rest of that story for another day, but let’s just say thirty years and four sons later, he still makes me glad I look pretty.

Although I have always loved all things frilly, I’ve never been a girly girl. I don’t subscribe to the wear once philosophy, I believe in building a wardrobe that serves many purposes. I am most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. So this look is inspired by my favorite wardrobe items. A well fitting pair of jeans is a curvy girls best friend. If they are the right cut and fit it will show off her assets and camouflage her flaws. When paired with these fringe wedge heel booties, (photos cannot capture the fabulosity) and my favorite swing blazer, this look has just enough pretty to soften the tomboy without losing the comfort. I love this swing blazer because it’s comfortable and versatile. This one fits right down to my hip, so it camouflages my mutant

Pretty Tomboy
Pretty Tomboy

characteristics (the second belly) lol. The large cuffs also lends itself to the coulattes trend of this year.

Between the comfort of this look and the fit of my jeans, this look has the right amount of pretty to keep my inner tomboy feeling Pretty yet comfy!

The jeans are flared leg, which I have said before are one of my favorite fits, because it accommodates my thick thighs. (similar).

The blazer is from my closet. (similar)

The shirt is a cami of which I have a lot in every color and length.

The booties are from Ashley Stewart or (similar)

I chose sparkly jewelry because I love the ideas of what I call “pretty hard” it’s like wearing this large pave sparkly necklace with jeans and a tee. Or adding a dress over your jeans.

Bonus: Pretty Hard Look
How about paring your favorite little black dress, old faithful obi belt and the same jeans.Pretty Hard

By wearing them long it adds a little more ‘pretty’ but their still the same comfy jeans.

Whether you are a girly girl or a pretty tomboy, have fun with your look and keep all things pretty.

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Fall Forward: Fall Wardrobe Trends & Hair Regimen Tips To Help You Fall Forward

Fall Forward

Ahh the Fall Season is upon us. Fall is my favorite time of year. All things Fall seem warm and comfy. As the leaves start to turn, and the temperature starts to cool down layers are the key to making the best of this transition. Layering your clothes as well as layering product into your hair.

We are loving wool blend Wraps, and sweater Shawls, and Ponchos. This is and easy addition to update your look without breaking the bank.

Wide leg jeans are back! If you are like me and have thighs “thicker than honey” this is a win for you.  imageWith the wider leg, it allows for a better fit on the thigh.

As a Plus Size Fashionista I am very excited that the chunky heel is in! There’s nothing worst the trying to balance an elephant on a tea cup! Lol this is what some heels feel like to me.😂 Cross Body Bags, Long Necklaces, and Tassels will take you full on Boho Fall Fall forwardStyle!



As for your hair, hopefully you are sealing your hair with the LOC Method, especially  if you have natural hair. This is a layering of products that helps to seal the moisture into your hair. It’s an acronym for (L) Leave in or Liquid (O) Oil or in the fall a Butter works best and (C) is Cream or your styler. As the temps drop be sure to replace your oil with  great hair butter such as Keirenea Honey Dipped Hair and Body Butter ( click here ). The butters stand up to the cooler weather better than the oils.

Fall Forward

For this look I just brushed my hair up and smoothed the sides with the Honey Dipped Butter, and tied it up with an old knee high. Yes I used a knee high. The flexibility of being able to tie it at the size I want along with the stretch of the fabric works best for me.

My wide leg jeans came from my closet, but I have found a similar items ( click here for similar) . My accessories are all Plato’s Closet scores for $45 I got these Michael Kors Platform Heels (click here  for similar). The Cross Body Bag ( click here for similar), and the Tassle Necklace ( similar), The wrap is from Ashley Stewart ( click here for similar) . Just for you we have curated a Fall Forward Store where you can get all your items in one place.

( click here for the Fall Forward Store)

Remember to embrace the natural beauty of my most favorite season! If these tips and trends or for you please follow us on social media, we are on Instagram – mrsphatandnaptural, Facebook – and Twitter – mrsphatandnap, and if you like what we do please comment. Be easy and Fall with style.

Maxin & Relaxin : Late Summer Closet Remix

Ok so if you if your not from the 90’s you’ve probably never been “ Maxin & Relaxin”, lol. It’s kicking back, just chilling, and with the last days of the summer coming to a close I’m trying to maximize my Maxin & Relaxin. If you are like me and there are still quite a few dates left on the summer calendar and you don’t want to buy new pieces just for a few weeks, you are really going to appreciate this closet remix.

If you haven’t figured it out this remix, it is a maxi skirt. Three looks 1 skirt:

The first look is full on summer glory, in this look the long maxi is pulled up and belted worn as a halter dress.

Look #1 : Maxin

Paired with long necklaces, a chunky bracelet, and strappy sandals. This is perfect for cooling out!

Look number 2 is for those days when it’s a little chilly or the company is a little more modest. Same belted halter, with a bolero added for a little coverage and a new look.


Look # 2 : Chill Mode

imageJust add a short blazer, light vest, or a bolero as shown above.

So Look number 3 is the traditional look for a maxi skirt, most commonly women wear them long with a shirt.

So this was actually my #fashionforchurch on the day I shot this look.

Look # 3 Relaxin

imageSo for this look I added a multicolored tank and a bracelet that went with the multi theme of the shirt and a simple gold necklace, and black sandals.

When I was planning this, I was imagining, what if you have more than one event to attend and you don’t want to keep going home to change. You can attend all three and look as if you had multiple wardrobe changes when you really just added a little of this and took off a little of that.

Now there all set, three looks, with one piece. No need to stress about what to where to your next kickback, just chill and max out. Lol😂. Stick with me I’ll show you how to dress a Phatty!

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Full Beauty & Style- Full Figured Fashion Week & The Curvycon


This week I had the pleasure of being in the same space as some of the innovator’s, creators, and leaders of the #Full Beauty / Curve movement. I started my week off with the Official Welcome Party Luau given by Ms. Gwen Devoe creator of Full Figured Fashion Week.image
imageThere I met the likes of Ms. Sharon Quinn of “Model Behavior” she was the coach for #FFFWeek2015 hosted by “#FitforMe” Fruit of the Loom.
I live in central Jersey and I usually drive to NYC, but this week I decided that it would be more economical for me to just take public transportation, and plus it was raining and I hate driving in the rain. I do not do the Subway, but to get to this event in Midtown I had to go underground! I was very proud of myself, I took the New York bus to the Port Authority ( I’m not going to mention that the highway was flooded and the driver kept going as if it was nothing, oh I just mentioned it), I followed the signage to the subway and hopped the E train and in 5 stops I was there!imageimage

“Sometimes Our Destiny Is Closer Than We Think”.image

The party was amazing all of the guests were beautiful and the Food was off the chain! A Fat Girl party with great food great music and lots of dancing! imageHow could this not be the grandest party ever! Although I was a newbie, to say all the models and staff were very welcoming and accommodating would be an understatement. It was a great event!image I also met some of my favorite fashion Bloggers such as #Mariedenee of The Curvy Fashionista, Farah from #Estrellas Fashion Report, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the team ( they were formerly one stop plus) and a host of other inspiring and enlightening people. Although their exposure to me was quick I pray it was lasting !imageimage

If you are going to a Luau this summer or just want to sport the trend here are some inspiring looks:image











Day 2 for me was the #FFFWEEKBUSINESSPANEL meeting. I almost skipped this event because my youngest son was graduating to middle school and my second oldest was graduation from High School on Wednesday and Thursday and I needed to get things together for them, but as I prayed and contemplated my choices, my spirit spoke to me and told me I needed to be in the mist of this and it would be good for me.

This was a rather intimate (about 25 people) setting in a beautiful Midtown space with a panel of some of today’s sharpest and brightest innovators. They gave tips and insight on ways to effectively navigate today’s business climate. We discussed everything from Social Media Marketing and strategy  building, to trademarking and licensing, branding, and even the usefulness of addressing negative comments and how to use it as a tool to promote positive responses to negativity.

Not only was the #businesspanel on point but the attendees were a wealth of invaluable information. Having so many different people from so many different levels of success all with the same goal to advance and help others was so powerful!

Day 3 was the White Party: # CURVESATSEA although I had one of the coveted tickets, I had to forgo this one. imageknow, I know, I was not happy at all. I was watching all the beauties from the comfort of my bed! Thank God for #socialmedia I was able to still feel the energy and live vicariously through my fellow #curvygirls . My little one graduated that day and my bigger son was graduating the next day, so for the better peace in my heart, head and my boys I sat this one out. But there will always be next year!

For some White Party inspiration – Yes Curvy Girls wear white! :image






As my real life called me back to work and family for the next 2 days, again I had to depend on the vision and sharing of my fellow Full Body Beauty Bloggers. I was checking the hashtags and clicking the links to see all that I could.

Here are some of my favorite looks shared by others:

































And as they say “The Icing on the Cake” (yes a food reference) on Saturday I had the pleasure of attending #THECURVYCON! image


imageimageimageThis was the first time I have ever had been to such an event. For my fellow nerds we go to all kinds of conferences. So the whole idea was not foreign, but to actually have a full conference filled with brands, bloggers, vendors, celebrities, and members of the plus sized community all gathered for the purpose of expanding celebrating and uplifting Full Figured Beauty & Style was amazing! imageimageThe topics ranged from looking good at any size, dating, healthy curves, and over all body acceptance. The Key note speaker was none other than the Cute and Curvy Amber Riley.imageShe talked about how she didn’t know she was “fat” until she started acting. She said she would kill the audition and then not get the job. It took her managers to tell her that the powers that be felt she was too heavy for the roll. Now I’m short and she couldn’t be any taller than 5’ and she’s a size 8. So in real life she is very tiny, but in Hollywood not so much. She said something that so touched my heart. She quoted scripture “We are fearfully and wonderfully made” then she added “When you know God nothing can stop you”. I needed that #msamberpriley.
imageBeing fashionable or being fat is not new to me. Being a blogger is, at #thecurvycon I was able to meet some of my peers. I’d say the most impressionable to me were Grown and Curvy , and Ciaa of My Curves and CuI’s. They both took time to talk to me and give me some encouragement and direction. To me that is the sign of a great blogger. image













My intention as a blogger is to encourage and enlighten and I can see they are like me in this pursuit. I’ve  always been comfortable with myself at every size up and down, but I never thought I could share the same space with those who others see as leading authority on fashion and beauty. It was a real joy to experience all of this. I am so grateful to God for all that He has done for me! The seeds He plants in my heart never cease to amaze me. I know this post is about my week at #FFFWEEK experienceing the #Fullbeautystyle of some beautiful ladies, but we can’t leave God out. He makes it all happen!

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With Love See Ya Phatty!

Girl Don’t Do That : Worst Plus Size Mistakes

I always come across great tips for the modern plus sized woman. I say modern because gone are the shabby mumu’s imageof yesterday, the one look for all over 200 pounds, and the grandma gear. The modern day curvy is fierce, bold, and chic. The modern day “big” girl is usually dipped honey *two finger snaps*. imageGrowing up I was always the chubby one. The chubby sister, chubby cousin, and chubby friend, buuuut I was always fly. My mom was anti frump lol! So I always tried to wear figure flattering clothes, though I see some pictures that make me take deep sighs lol! So let’s talk about the donts of plus size fashion!
#1 Under Garments
Let’s start from the very beginning, because the proper under attire can make or break your look!
The right sized underwear
I know we all would like to think because we are chunky that we have Beyonces booty but heavier, this is not true lol! Having a big butt or a wide butt doesn’t not mean you have an apple bottom. But with the right underwear you might be able to convince people that you are the heavy Bee that you envision lol! Underwear that is too tight looks bad even with your clothes on. It squeezes the butt into an awkward shape and let’s some parts hang out. Panties that are too big bunch up and give you granny booty. So please buy the right size!
-The right bra
I can not stress this enough! The right bra is the way of life! The right sized bra will give you an equal balance of the proper cleavage and a smoother upper back. I know it’s frustrating as a busty girl that you can’t run and get a cheap $3.99 bra that will give you support and last after wash day, but the proper bra is worth the right amount of coins. But here’s a secret that I’ve known for a while but did not realize it was a secret lol, Walmart has good cheap bras for us! A lot of women are surprised at this. Cacique is the ultimate best place for a bra! imageIt is worth every penny! I have literally cried when damage has happened to one of these bras (seriously lol). Also here is a tidbit, if you want the correct size go get measured and stop guessing. A bra that is too tight looks really bulky in the back. Making your upper fat rolls look like they are ready to pop! imageAnd that’s not sexy cleavage, when your bra is too small your breast look angry lol! Don’t believe me? Ask some one. A bra that is too big, fits incorrectly and a lot of slippage occurs throughout they day. No one wants to be readjusting their boobs all day. Remember do not dry your bras (especially the good ones) in the dryer. Always bend forward when putting on your bra to ensure every tidbit is in place. Here’s another secret, the three different rows of hooks are there for a reason. You’re supposed to comfortably fit into your bra using the first hooks and graduate in to the other hooks once the bra gets older.
-Shape wear
If you’re anything like me, you cringe deep down inside when you hear the word shape wear. Suddenly your palms are sweaty, your diaphragm is tight, and it’s hard to breathe lol! But the truth is, some desired looks need shape wear no matter what size you wear. Sometimes we need to smooth our rolls out to rock that hot dress! As we know there are many different shape wear options, and honestly you should own more than one. Chasity from Garnerstyle can be seen rocking different styled shape wear, she has a whole post about shape wear on her blog. If you are anti shape wear try going with a fitted camisole. It just smoothed your tummy and back out, they aren’t as tight because they have less elastic. imageThe proper way to wear shape wear is to first try it on! You want to get the correct size because shape wear that is too big is useless, and too small actually pushes the rolls and curves all over the place. Always step into your shaper, even if it is just a camisole.  Last but not least do not dry your shaper! This wears on the elastic! Follow your care instructions they are there for a reason.
#2 Dress for your shape
The media makes us believe that the only desirable shape is the hourglass, but in reality you should always feel desirable no matter what! There are many different shapes and sizes so what may fit on your shape may not fit on mine.image
#3 It’s not always for you
I know we see these hot trends from the local plus size trend setters, but it’s not always for you. But this takes us back to dress for your shape. Sometimes we have to realize that just because it’s in our size it’s not always flattering. We can’t always be in the “me too” crew!image
#4 Your size doesn’t define you
It’s just a number ladies! And sometimes that number changes. If you are one size and you can squeeze into a smaller size does not mean it looks good. So if you wear a 22 and can squeeze into that 18 but it doesn’t look good, make it a goal to look good in that. But if you’re anti diet and exercise give it away if it doesn’t look good. Wearing clothes are too big to “hide” your weight isn’t flattering to you, just like wearing too small clothes. Embrace it honey! So don’t let the number on the tag define how you feel.image

We are all about self love and feeling good about yourself. So if you feel good just go for it. But we also want you to look as good as you feel. We are not trying to bash our fellow curvy, but just trying to show you the best you! Always remember wear it with confidence!
Muah phatty!
Ja’ nay of mrsphatandnaptural


Spring It On Me: Phat and Fab trends For Spring 2015

From April showers to May flowers, Spring is upon us! Although it may not feel like it yet, before you know it we will be dawning much less coverings. Shorter skirts, lighter jackets, and much more skin on display. That being said here are some of our favorite Spring 2015 Fashion Trends to make you look Phat and Fab with no fuss! Who has time for the fuss, not us!

This being the month of showers it’s no wonder the Rain Coat is in style, I myself love a double breasted Trench with a great umbrella. Or you may like this Isabelo Taledo Ruffle Hem Trench from Lane Bryant. We will be in and out of the showers no need to look like a rubber ducky.
Speaking of rubber duckys, Yellow will be on trend if you choose to sport a yellow rain coat or trench.
Floral and Gingham are the prints to be seen in! I know what you’re thinking “Grandma Gear”. Well think again these are not your imagegrandmothers patterns here, we are seeing bold floral prints and gingham in skirts, bags dress, coats, and all the like this spring.

imageIn fact I scored a floral clutch from one of the second hand stores in my area for little or nothing. So if you’re a little pattern shy just put it in the bag. Check out this gingham pencil skirt from Torrid. I love it! And it fits like a glove.

imagePrints period will be in! I saw a quote from Steffy Fullstyle on her guest blog post for igigstyle, which said “you should choose the print based on the size of your facial features. If you have big features do big prints, and if you have small features choose a smaller print.” Hmmmm I didn’t know that. So whether you choose floral, check, gingham or polka dots, you’ll be rocking it your way and that’s always the best option!

Boho imageChic will be blasting in from the past, I love this trend! You know why right? Need I say effortless! No fuss just fab! I love the Kimonos, The Pendant Necklaces, and the Fringe. This trend has Saddle shaped bags and yes the platform shoe is back. So get Hipppie to it! See what I did right there, you get it Boho is the modern Hippie . * cracking up*

imageOne trend that I am not so fond of for obvious reasons to those who know me is Head to Toe White. Yeah I might try it, but I doubt I it will make it into rotation unless I buy a lot of white. I admire people who wear white, but it’s just not for me. Oh and yes big girls look delicious in white! Like a big old glass of ice cold milk in the morning! Lol!

Don’t for get to add a little sparkle with your statement earrings, chokers, and very femme handbags. I am not a belt wearer but I may try one of those Obi belts.image

I’m all about adding to what you already have, I’m not one of those girls that buy a whole new wardrobe every season. So add a few pieces and call it peace! If you choose wisely you can bring these pieces out year after year. Or better yet sell them or give them away and make a coin or two for new pieces.
imageThe jeans are still skinny and distressed, as pictured here by Kim of  Naturally Fashionable, so you can still rock last year’s jeans and look great. I love a flat shoe and we saw a lot of flats on the runway, thank God! Sneakers for some have never left but they will be more popular with the continuing sporty trend. Tule skirts and Shirt Dresses are still here!
Remember confidence is always the best accessory, so put on your best you and it will always WERK!

Please leave your questions and comments below. Follow us on Pintrest we have a great board “likes of a Phatty” that pictures our favorite styles. We are always on Facebook and Instagram so please follow us! If you want to be featured please use the hashtag #mrsphatandnaptural. Also please tag your favorite spring looks #springitonme ! So hope to hear from you soon!image
See Ya Phatty!

Watch Out For The Big Girls

Plus Size Women Take Center Stage!

image“Watch Out For The Big Girl”one of my favorite club bangers back in the day. I’m from Jersey so you know we do the Club Music. If you’ve never heard it you got to look it up and get your jam in real quick. Lol! Just imagine if we really had a plus sized daily printed periodical, what would some of the headlines be? This was my inspiration for this post. In fact I’m going to do one of these every few weeks just so we know what’s out there for us, so we can support it.


imageWell let me get this off first, you probably heard but, Full Figure Fashion week is back!!! That’s not the big news though, the big news is they’ll be coming to your city looking for fresh faced, full figured women to strut their stuff! Think you got what it takes? Well check out the tour dates and pack yo bags!
Countdown to 2015 begins as the FFFWeek® Casting Team goes on the road to scout the fiercest catwalk divas across the country. Meet them in these cities:
January 24, 2015 – Atlanta, GA

Time: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM (line will close at 12:15 PM)

Signature Design Diva Day Glam Studios
4153 Flat Shoals Parkway
*inside the Trinity Park Office
Suites, Bldg C., Suite 300
Decatur, GA 30034
Hosted by Diva Day International

January 31, 2015 – Miami, FL
Time: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM (line closes at 1:45 PM)

Location: Studio 504
504 NE 190th Street
Miami, FL 33179
Hosted by: Curve Nation, LLC

February 7, 2015 – Houston, TX
Time: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM (line closes at 1:45 PM)
Location: The Mosaic Lounge
5927 Almeda Road Suite 190K
Houston, TX 77004
Hosted by DM Signature Photography
February 21, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA

Time: 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM (line will close at 6:00 PM)

Location: Hollywood Dance Center
817 Highland Avenue (between Willoughby and Waring)
Hollywood, CA 90038
February 28, 2015 – Toronto, Canada
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM (Line will close at 3:30 PM)
Location: Your Big Sister’s Closet
3126 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M6P2A1
(The closest major intersection is Dundas Street West and High Park Road. Your Big Sister’s Closet is located on the west side of Toronto).

March 7, 2015 – Nashville, TN

March 21, 2015 – New York, NY
imageNow I know what your thinking! Gabby looks really hot in that blonde hair right! I know, I think so too. This is the look she sports in her new role on the hit Fox drama Empire. For now the role is very minimal, but what struck me as I watched the show was, this could be anybody…but Gabby got it. This is one of those silent feats that often go unnoticed. Don’t worry Gabby, “I see you “. They could have given this role to any number of African American actresses in Hollywood, that have a more conventional look. I always hear Black Hollywood talk about how hard it is to get roles, so I think it’s triple hard for a black, plus sized, woman to get them. Yet Gabby keeps stunting on them, time after time. I’m proud of you girlfriend! I am hoping because of the position of her character it will lead to more scenes for her. I want to see more of her, what’s her story? How did she end up working with them and why does she stay and put up with Luscious Lion ( Terrence Howard). I tuned in to watch Gabby, but I’m going to be tuning in more often. I like it. Did I mention I love the Blonde Hair! Yeah !

imageOn the other end of the dial. Well, it’s not really a dial anymore, I guess I’m dating myself. 🙂 Anyway there were two cable premiers this year that have the plus sized woman as the center of the show. ” Big Woman: Big love” on Lifetime. It airs Wednesday at 10 pm. This show chronicles the dating life and search of 5 beautiful plus sized women. I love the idea of it, although it’s not my experience. I’m married and before I was married I’ve never really been single. I’ve always either been in a relationship or purposely single. Who knows, maybe never being single, is another plus size woman’s issue. So I’ve never actually dated as a plus sized woman, but I’m sure these ladies are lending a voice to thousands of single plus sized woman all over the country. I am sure there will be nay saying, but I say we have to start somewhere. I will be supporting this show, I’m happy that Lifetime chose to do a show about “Big Women” there are tons of reality shows out there and I’m proud that this is in the ring. I have not been able to catch “My Fat Fabulous Life” or “Curvy Brides” but we have to support them as well.

imageThe other show is ” It’s A Mann’s World” this is a show about David and Tamela Mann. Best know as Mr Brown and Cora from Madea, and Meet the Browns. I love this show! I love the positive portrayal of this loving family. It’s a blended family which I did not know, and so far it seems real. I’ve only seen one episode but it seems that they are consistent with the loving images of them that we have grown to love. I love that David consciously or unconsciously feels her up from time to time:-) this tickles me, being a married woman whose husband loves her plus plushiness I know the feeling! Sometimes you don’t even realize it’s happening. I see what people say to me, because she doesn’t even move, she keeps her head straight forward, bet when you see his hands disappear you know he’s touching her again, I love it! Unfortunately it comes on at the same time as Empire. So I will be DVRing them both and alternating between which one I’m going to watch live.

imageSo we recently saw a lot of curves on the Golden Globes. I was very proud to see the mainstream ( meaning my insta time line 🙂 ) featuring many Curlys and Curvys. The girls were really taking the curves to the carpet! I think Ava Duvernay was the Belle of the Ball. She was stunning with her natural hair tightly twisted and styled in an elegant undo. Selma was snubbed by the Oscar from what I hear. I’m not surprised but I just wish we were past some of those racial barriers. I loved Danielle E Brooks’s look. Yeah it was kind of a safe color and a little short but I think she looked stunning. She’s a beauty. Miss Jenny from the block! She’s not plus to me, but the world says she is, so I’ll take her. She’s been in the spotlight a long time and she still looks good! Theses were my three favs on the carpet.

imageLastly Ms Tahiry Jose has partnered with Color Club Nail Lacquer and has introduced a new scented line by Tahiry Jose! I can’t wait to try it! I love Color Club! And I’m pretty sure a scented lacquer is the bomb! She has seven scents, 50 Shades of Love has a candy scent, Jitters has a bubbly scent, On Cloud Nine has a white chocolate scent, Red-Handed has a cinnamon scent, Seal It With A Kiss has a strawberry scent, Sweet Getaway has a pink rose scent, Tall, Dark & Handsome has a cologne scent. They retail for $ 8.50 on the Color Club website.  I love the idea of a scented polish, so many people don’t like or can’t take the smell of nail polish, its a genius idea! Love it!
I grew up reading the Jet Magazine and I never understood why they noted the TV shows and music on the last few pages, even though I checked them every week,lol. Now I see the importance, we need to be informed so we can support. So go set your DVR’s or your listings and set a reminder to tune in to these show. If you know of any Curvys or Curlys doing things please comment or let me know. Ok Love ya!

See ya Phatty!

Top Five Ways To Take The Fuss Out Of Fabulousness

2014 Top 5 Fuss Free Fab Tools
2014 Top 5 Fuss Free Fab Tools

Hey Sistas, well 2014 is coming to a close and we are knocking on the door of 2015. Last New Year’s Day, I made a promise to my family for the year of 2014; I would enjoy my life more and get back to loving me and sharing my wonderfulness with the world. LOL! Little did I know what God had in store for us. At that time, I didn’t know that I would start a blog to share my natural journey, and my struggle finding fashionable affordable plus sized items that fit my style. By the way my style is, I love the high maintenance look but I’m lazy so it has to be easy! 🙂 Most of the time I have the plan in my head but, I don’t work on it until the last minute.
This brings me to my Top Five favorites of 2014. This was not easy because I am the shortcut queen. So everything that I love involves Taking the Fuss Out of Fabulousness. I truly believe you don’t have to spend all day to look like you do. Now don’t get me wrong you can’t live on a short, sometimes you have to do the work, but my philosophy is if I lay a great foundation I can skate a little. With my hair, I make sure I practice ideal cleansing and conditioning regularly so I don’t have worry about breakage, thinning, and loosing my edges. Same goes for my wardrobe I try to buy staple or capsule pieces that are easy to put together to look fab with out much fuss.

  • image1- My two favorites are a tied for #1, the Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel and Cantu Shea Butter Leave In are absolutely my favorite short cut tools of 2014. You can find them any and everywhere. From Walmart, Sally’s, to your local beauty supply and or drug store. For me there aren’t many drawbacks I can name. They work very well together and keep my hair looking healthy and shinny. I must admit for most of 2014 I really didn’t use much else on my hair.  The only draw back is if you are too heavy handed with the Cantu you can get a white residue on your hair. I use this combo on my Puff which is my goto style, and it keeps my edges slayed and laid. This is also the combo I use on my twist outs. My entire family uses the Cantu, and we all have different hair types. I tend to use them together but they are both equally fierce all by themselves. When ever a Curly asks me to recommend products, first a ask them about there wash routine and the next step is this recommendation. One of the best things is  the price point. For the price you can’t beat the results. I know people who pay a lot of money for expensive products and their hair doesn’t like it! In January I did my final mini chop cutting about 4-5 inches of permed hair off and from then on I used almost nothing but these two items to style my hair, until about August when I was introduced to the Carmacare line. I feel like I can’t name them a fav because I only used them for about 4 months of the year, but they definitely get a more than honorable mention. I love the Seal-n-Shine and the B’leave-in Conditioner. You can get them at .image




  • 2- My number two is the Spanx Stockings. Now this breaks one of my rules. They are a little expensive for a disposable item, but I like to call them resposable. They wash well and regain their shape perfectly. Being a big girl that hates shape wear is not good, and I’m imagenot one of those Phattys that have that cute little pooch, nope I got belly! These stockings are the truth, because they hold it down and doesn’t squeeze the life out of me. I usually pick them up when they are on sale. The fit is perfect for Apple Shaped Phattys like me. It’s one of those things that you can wear everyday. Yes, did I mention that I hate shape wear? That being said these are on my favorites list. I am very particular about wearing stockings because the last thing I need is them rolling down and settling under my belly making it look even bigger, but these come all the way up and they stay there.
  • 3- Number three Mac Ruby Woo. This color seems to look great on everybody. After all who doesn’t love a red lippie? When I first saw it my cousin Mekkus was wearing it and I was compelled to tell her how great it looked. She is a brown girl like Kelly Rowland. Then I imagesaw one of my coworkers with this fab red lip and she also said it was Ruby Woo and she’s an olive colored white woman. I have a tan complexion (yes that is Rihanna representing me,lol) and it looks great on me too. That’s why it makes the list. It surely takes the fuss out of Fab. If you are like me and you don’t have time to spend 2 hours contouring and blending or how ever long it takes. Get you some eyeliner, mascara and some Ruby Woo and let it do what it do.
  • 4- Number four is my Strawberry Water. I don’t like to drink water but of course to be healthy it’s very necessary. I know a lot of places sell fruit infused water and special water bottles, but as I mentioned earlier my favs are easy. When first started doing this I would just imagebuy a gallon of water from the store and a bag of frozen strawberries, put the strawberries in the jug with 3-5 pks of Splenda. Let it sit overnight and drink it all day. I started doing this to help me stay full, but little did I gather the affects the strawberry water would have on my life. My skin and hair love it and yes it helps curb my appetite. Eventually I purchased a water bottle with a ice tube to help keep it cold. I happen to like strawberry water but you can try any frozen fruit you like. I know a lot of people do all kinds of other recipes that have a lot of steps but for me this is the best way because it’s so easy and taste great so that makes it easy to stick to.

5- My 2014 number five fav is the LOC Method. This oh, this woah, I love this and so does Froesha ( the name of my hair). If you don’t know what this is, it’s definitely one of the greatest short cuts to imagehealthy hair that I have found thus far. If you don’t have time to deep condition often this is what you should do. Once I started doing this there was no turning back. For me I do this with every wash. So you know it’s easy! 🙂 I use Carmacare B’leave in as my L. Carmacare Seal-n-Shine is my O. My C is Cantu or Carmacare Hair Soufflé Shea Butter. I’ve also had success with (l) Cantu leave in (o) Olive Oil (c) Soultanicals Marula- Muru. The process is so easy, after you wash and condition your hair, you apply the leave in of your choice, it’s best to use a liquid leave in if it’s your 1st time doing this. Next you seal the hair with an oil. Last apply a butter or a cream as the final moisture lock. I finger comb through each step and evenly distribute the layers throughout my tresses. I have air dried, twisted and blow dried after this process it really didn’t make a difference this method keeps my hair moisturized until my next wash. It’s one of those style as usual processes.

Well girls that wraps up my Top Five ways to Take the Fuss Out of Fabulousness for 2014. I pray that we will all move into 2015 with great expectations, plans and goals to keep going higher in our lives. We at have some challenging and exciting imagethings planned for 2015. We love a fresh start, so here’s to a new year and a new start!
See ya Phatty!

Fall With Style

Was this not one of the best summers that we’ve had in a long time? I know it has been for me, but atlas, we bid adieu to summer.

So we have officially entered the Fall of 2014. It seems that we have been seeing articles and posts about it for the last 6 weeks. And wouldn’t you know it, here’s another one. As we bring the first week of autumn to a close I thought it fitting to get a look at the fall favs from New York Fashion week.fallwithstyle

Get the most out of your wardrobe by adding a few pieces to update your existing items. If you read my post on Playing Fall Keeps you will see how to transition your summer looks into fall. I noted some wardrobe basics that will help you stretch your looks.

So you got your basics, you have your transition tips, now what?
In this post I’ll give you the newest trends so you can Fall With Style. According to all those in the know, these are the items colors and themes you want to add to your stash.

“Fall Goes Pop” To quote Monif C. Pop of color that is. The colors for this season are as rich and deep as I aspire to be, lol. They have fluid names like merlots, cognac and sangria. Royal and cobalt blues replace the basic navy blue. Don’t be afraid to wear colors on your bottom either. For so long we have conditioned ourselves to wear black or dark bottoms. I say give it a shot of life. Wear the sangria pants or the cobalt capris, heck I know for myself I love a printed bottom.

The Bold and the Beautiful– Be bold wear prints and patterns, they are very much the look. I even have a pair of black and white striped pants in heavy rotation. They feel good and after I got the first 5 compliments, I knew this was a look that was working for me. Whether you wear stripes or abstract prints, small or bold prints that is up to you.

Don’t Be Mad Wear Plaid– I know what you’re thinking Lumber Jack right. That’s cool, but there are so many plaids, such as this Eloquii Tartan plaid coat, or Lane Byant plaid cape coat. DSW has a pair of smallprint plaid Madden Girl Zumba booties that are so cute.

Put Your Cape on Your Back and Be Super Bad- Capes and more capes, cape coats, shawls and all. This look appears very regal to me. There are capes on every level. We see cape coats from Lane Bryant to a vintage cape worn by Dionne Dean.

Knits Together- I’m not talking just your basic chunky sweater, I’m talking full on knitted sweater suits. Head to Toe knits. Sweater leggings, sweater dresses, and sweater skirts. plpno

Shine Bright Like a Diamond– Shinny metallics such as steel and aluminum grey are seen in all aspects of apparel. Of course shinny stones and studs are also accessorizing everything from clutches to jean jackets and pants.


Fur You and Me- Faux fur is seen in capes, shawls, and vests. I love my white faux fur vest from Rachel Zoe. Gabifresh rocked her fur as a faux fur stole, it reminds me of that old Hollywood glam of the 50’s and 60’s.

Let’s get Sporty- Not just your jersey from your favorite sports team, but there are very fashionable tops and pants that are sporty and sexy. The jogger leggings are what you will see a lot of. Tinkas Closet has a “Dreamer” Sweat shirt, I love it, but it doesn’t look like something you want to sweat in. So your getting sporty but it still sexy.sporty

Leather It Up– Leather pants, jackets dress, even leather accessories are in. Some are just leather accents such as a leather collar or fringe on a garment. You are going to see more and more leather dresses, skirts and of course jackets.

Hello Moto- Motorcycle jackets are my favorite trend of this season so far. For the most part they are flattering to all figures, and you can get them in varying styles to fit almost every occasion. I know they can be a bit pricey, but your just have to be on the lookout for good prices. I got an off white one around June from Lane Bryant for less than twenty dollars. It was 80% off! On the other hand I bought a black one from Burlington Coat Factory that cost over one hundred dollars. So in other words you gotta watch and grab. LOL!

It’s all in the Jeans– The jeans that make the cut this season are ripped and they are either skinnies or boyfriend. I myself love the skinnies. I love to be able to feel my jeans on me, and preferably I like them to have a little stretch so they hug the curves. Although the colors vary, they are mostly distressed. I get most of my jeans from Burlington. My plan is to hit the thrift store and find a reasonably inexpensive pair of well-fitting jeans and beat them up. If this works I will definitely be posting about it!plaid

Lastly keep your eyes appeal for satins, velvets, and chunky knit scarves. Purses are clutches or large doctor bags with unique accents. The Jewelry is black, and they shoes are going pointed.

I know it seems like a lot of information, and maybe you can’t figure out how to make it work for your style.Just know Everything is not for everybody, as my Daddy used to say what ever you find take it home and make it look like you!

See Ya Phatty!