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In The Mix- Mixed Up In Mixed Print

In The Mix: Mixed up in Mixed Print

Mixed up in mixed print

Mixed up in mixed print

Don't ask me what I'm talking about
Don’t ask me what I’m talking about

Mixed up in mixed print

Mixed up in mixed print

Now mixed prints has been a trend for the past few years. I have to admit I haven’t gotten the hang of it. I love the concept. And it looks great…but it’s not easy! I always read the tips when ever I see an article or post, because I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time, but every time I try it on I feel mixed up. Lol I guess that’s the point.
Some say stick to one color scheme, or just stay with small prints, but I kinda think that defeats the purpose. I say if you’re going to do it, go bold! Why do it at all if you are only going to do it a little?

I won’t even begin to talk about what patterns plus size women should and shouldn’t wear! That would take this post on a whole other rant. So for now, we are mixing print right?

Any who, When I found this mixed print maxi skirt in Burlington, ( for $12.99) I knew this was the perfect piece to get mixed up in! The skirt itself is made in a bold mixed print style, so there was no way to do this a little. I paired it with a sleeveless top that I Thrifted ( cost no more than $5) a few years back. It finally felt like the perfect mix to me. I added a mixed denim clutch that I picked up at Ross For Less for $6, as far as jewelry I wore black and white jewlery that I’ve had for a while.

The whole idea of mixed print is about defying fashion rules, and expressing a certain fashion freedom. So I say the only fashion rule you should stick to is, do what make you feel beautiful!

How do you feel about mixed print? Don’t be scared or better yet, do it afraid. Be free, be fashion free!

Pretty In Pink- Plus Sized HiLo Dress By Rachel Roy

Pretty In Pink Plus Sized HiLo Rachel Roy Dresss

Pretty In Pink Plus Sized HiLo Rachel Roy Dresss

Pretty In Pink Plus Sized HiLo Rachel Roy Dresss

Pretty In Pink Plus Sized HiLo Rachel Roy Dresss
Dress: Rachel Roy- Sandals : JCPenny- Necklace: Trci Lynn

Pretty In Pink Plus Sized HiLo Rachel Roy Dresss

Pretty In Pink Plus Sized HiLo Rachel Roy DresssPlease let me introduce “Sydney” from the Rachel Roy plus size collection. She also comes in black and the size 3x comfortably fits my size 22/24 body. B.T. Dubs this is one of those dresses that you hate to take off at the end of the night because you feel so cute 🙂 . Shout out to “Becky with the good hair”, because she makes some good clothes! I chose pink because it’s my favorite color. Besides that, the feel of this dress makes you feel soo pretty! It’s not at all a girly, or sexy dress, but it has a comfortable and worry free beauty. I love the pockets! And the low hem on the back gave me added comfort, because I have on of those shapes the make the back of the skirt rise up. ( I’ve always hated that)

I wore this dress to my families annual cookout which was a 2.5 hour ride to upstate NewYork. The fabric was so well made, that even after sitting on a bus for over 2 hours, I didn’t have a wrinkle in sight. That’s a good garment! This was another piece I picked up at The Curvy Con. I snagged it for right around $25.00. I love the way it feels. I pair this dress with my favorite summer sandals from JCpenny, and matched some colored and silver jewelry for the perfect cookout look! Now let’s get into this dress.

Cons first:

Weird Shape: It doesn’t add much to my shape. At first I belted it. It looked better with a belt. Then I thought about  how uncomfortable that might be after eating all that great family food. So I decided to just let it flow!

Now Pros:

Color: It is my favorite color ✔️, what girl can pass on feeling pretty in pink?

Material: It’s very well made ✔️ I know when a size 3x fits me this good, that’s a hot piece!

Versitle: It can be casually worn with sandals or you can dress it up with statement jewelry and heels ✔️

Price: At under $25.00 I went surfing her site for more peices ✔️.

This is is my first Rachel Roy pieces, but I will be getting more! Do you own any Rachel Roy plus sized collection? If so I’d love to here what you have and how you feel in it. Drop me a line in the comments. Or holla at me on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram.

Shop This Look

Dress Sandals Jewlery

Flawless Fabulous Fit & Flare Dress

Flawed & Fabulous

Flawless Fit & Flare
Flawless Fit & Flare
Flawless Fit & Flare
Flawless Fit & Flare
Flawless Fit & Flare
Flawless Fit & Flare

First off I have to say this dress is one of those pieces that gives instant confidence! Nothing makes you feel as good as a great Dress! I picked it up from Fashion To Figure last year &25 buy one get one free at TheCurvycon. I’m not really a dress girl so I don’t wear it often. I tend to wear more dresses in the summer so I pulled this one out this week.

From the time I put it on I realized something that never dawned on me before. Fit & Flare is my perfect silhouette. I’ve said it before,  one of my body flaws that I dress to camouflage is my midsection. This shaped dress ( sometimes called a Skater) makes my flaws fabulous!

The dress shaped my body in just the right places. It hugged the top, and flared out at the waste, creating the affect of a well defined high waistline.

The dress is strapless so to make it office appropriate I threw on a denim Ballero that I thrifted a few months back. A statement necklace that I picked up for $5 at Walmart, and a silver clutch that I got at Ross for less, my summer staple fringe sandals, and some silver hoops complete this look.

Conclusion: Fit & Flare makes my flaws look fabulous!

Flawless Fit & Flare
Fit & Flare Dress : Fashion To Figure (last year) – Denim Ballero: Thrifted- Flawless Clutch: Ross For Less- Necklace : Walmart- Fringe Sandals: JCPenny


Flawless Fit & Flare
Flawless Fit & Flare


Frugal Fashion Finds: Plus Sized Look For Next To Nothing

If you don’t know, shopping for stylish plus sized clothes is no easy feat. Getting great quality without spending an arm and a leg is my goal. I’d rather pay for good quality than get cheap stuff that’s s bad quality. But when I can get both! All is well with my world!

Well I guess I’m kind of putting the cart before the horse here.  I haven’t done a review of my awesome experience at Thecurvycon. Yet I’ll be sharing some of my “next nothing” frugal fashion finds, thanks to discounts I received from thecurvycon. I scored quite a few goodies on the shopping floor. This cross-over tank top was free, yes free from Fashion to Figure for buying a pair of black jeans.

Plus Size Frugal Fashion

Fashion to Figure is one of the stores that returned from last year. They are one of my favorite stores. I was more than happy to go raking through those racks, especially for a buy 1 get 1 free! The top is a size 3x and it fits very comfortably. I usually don’t like the cross-over style because it tends to expose my lower belly and that’s no Bueno! But this one hits at just the right length. It’s just my kinda of boarder line casual, but I can dress it up type of style! I’m picturing it with some knickers too. This time I rocked it with a tube skirt and some fringe sandals, with a gold chain jewelry set.

Plus Size Frugal Fashion

The skirt and the sandals are from JCPenny. Ashlely Nell Tipton ( one of the headliners) has a partnership with JCPenny and they had some stations set up to decorate complementary tees they gave out, ( there goes that cart again). On the tables were coupons to get $20 off a $20 purchase. Yeah that sounds like free! I logged in on the Fourth Of July just to see if I could get some additional savings! Ding ding ding! What a score! The skirt was originally $60 marked down to $40 and 80% off clearance for the Fourth of July. After my Curvycon discount it was free! I got a size 3x and it fits great. It’s a tube skirt but it’s not clingy, which fits my shape well. I was a little weary of the stripes but once I tried it on I was sold.

Plus Size Frugal Fashion

The sandals were originally $50 and I ended up paying $15.99! They didn’t have wide with so I ordered a size 9 just to be safe! I wear an 8 wide when I can find it. Otherwise I get a 9 for the width.  My total savings from JCPenny was a whopping $110.00! My total cost for this look was $15.99! I know the quality of these items is good and they’ll last me a few season.

Now the thing with frugal shopping is sometimes you can’t duplicate it. I did my best to find links to comparable items in style and price.


Plus Sized Frugal Fashion

Shop This Style 

Top similar, Tube Skirt similar, Fringe Sandals JCPenny, Gold Chain Jewlery Set.

Do you love finding great quality clothes at exceptional prices? Where is your favorite place to find them? Drop us a line and let us know where you score! For now happy hunting!



Yes you heard it right! Hundreds of full figured beauties wearing all white dancing, singing and partying without a care! I must admit although I had a great time, and the food was excellent. I was doing a lot more watching than participating. I can’t help it I’m a people watcher. So, as I watched and admired how great everyone looked, I also realized that everyone was expressing their fashion their way! It was awesome!

Breaking rules and looking fabulous!


Greeting us as we boarded
Gwen Devoe- Greeting us as we boarded


Sabrina Rocking A Cropped Top
Sabrina Rocking A Cropped Top


Tanesha Smart Ms. Plus America
Tanesha Smart Ms. Plus America


Christina Mendez In A Crop Top Body Con
Christina Mendez In A Crop Top Body Con


Ms Plus New York- Gwen Devoe- Emeecia Director of Ms Plus New York
Ms Plus New York- Gwen Devoe- Emeecia Director of Ms Plus New York

I guess nobody told them about us!


Soooo just because they are my favorite looks of the night!

Lady Hanson
Lady Hanson


Breaking Fashion Rules


This is my favorite moment of the night! I got to meet my #haircrush Nakitende Esther!


Nakitende Esther and I
Nakitende Esther and I

What rules are you breaking this summer?

Hot In The Office: 3 Ways To Keep The Business In Your Business Casual Summer Wardrobe

Finally we are getting some hot days! I love summer fashion! The flowing dresses, bright colors, and light air feel to the clothes just puts a smile in my heart! As with many offices, my job has a business casual office attire. Although there is no clear definition of “ business casual” sometimes people forget the business and add a little too much casual.

In the warmer months we usually get that not so subtle reminder from HR. You know the one informing us of the obvious warmer weather, imploring us to use good judgement when dressing for working, and asking us not to embarrass ourselves, fellow coworkers, or the company. Yet and still some people don’t get the hint.

Casually Speaking

Navigating the difference between what’s appropriate for business casual and what not may not be easy. In my office we have certain restrictions which are pretty standard.
1. No sheer or see through clothing ( yes it needs to be stated).
2. Shoes must either have a strap on the back, or closed toes.
3. No cutoff shorts
4. No Tshirts with graphics
5. No swim wear ( yes it has happened)
My summer staples are maxi dresses and skirts, light denim, and bright colored everything. I incorporate these items in heavy rotation for work and play. So, I have a few guidelines of my own that I use to keep it stylish and appropriate.

Party On The Bottom




Pair your bold print pants and skirts with a neutral top. Choose a solid white, denim, or a another summer neutral that matches the bold print.


Bright Bold Beauty


Add color, bright colors, bold beautiful, summers tops and or bottoms. The bright color just screams summer. I love yellows, corals, and teals.

Robin Charmage
Robin Charmage

Cover Me


This one is my saving grace! I usually keep a light sweater or denim jacket on the back of my chair. You know those pretty sleeves summer dresses and shirts? Guess what you can wear them to the office! Just keep a blazer, jacket or sweater handy to cover your arms and voila! Office appropriate.


So there Girlfriend! Now as it heats up outside, make sure you keep it cool, casual, and be about your business!

As always stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for more business casual inspiration!

Plus Sized Swim Suits: Where To Buy, Shopping Tips, Ashley Graham, and Lookbooks

I have a confession to make, I have to go out looking for a swimsuit, and I’m so dreading it! I haven’t owned a bathing suit in about 10 years. My poolside wardrobe has been a cute cover up over one of my husbands tanks ( yes I squeeze into his shirts 😂) with some shorts. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about bathing suits so I know that means, time to do a Swimsuit post!

Gabifresh turned the world on its ear a few years ago with the introduction of the “Fatkini”. She continues to release new collections with Swimsuits For All every swim season. Since that time plus sized swimwear has come a long way. But I still can’t say I totally buy into me in a bikini!

Most recently Ashley Graham also released her 007 inspired collection with them. But these big girl panties will run you a pretty penny! The prices rang from $ 109.00 – $ 298.00.

They are beautiful but pricey!

If you’d like a more budget friendly option check out this look book from My Thrifted Closet! Most of these pieces start from $17 and up, from places like Forever 21, and Swimsuits For All. She also gives tips on how to plan early for next year. I am such a fan of her frugal fabulosity!

Next up is Kendall Rae. She has a different body type but she illustrates good choices of suits for plus sized women.

Last but not least is the belle of the ball, A Thick Girls Closet in Monif C! I’ve never had the pleasure of owning any of her pieces yet! Soon Come!

Summertime is on its way! So you know what that means. Beach trips ( or as we say in Jersey going to the Shore), pool parties, and vacations are soon to follow. Where will you be getting your poolside gear?

Where ever you chose we know you’ll be smoking hot! As always for more follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! You can find us at Mrsphatandnaptural across all platforms. So holla at us!

Curves Are Trending: Ashley Nell Tipton- Timothy Snell and Christian Siriano

As plus size fashionistas continue to lead the charge for market share and demand respect, we see more and more brands and designers trying to get a leg up on the competition. I myself am very excited to see all the developments taking place. These are just 3 of my recent favs!
Ashley Nell Tipton with JC Penny for the Boutique+ collection!

This is the most epic collaboration. Not only does Ashley have exquisite taste and an eye for style, but she’s a fellow fat girl! So you know without a doubt no one has to tell her, we need a little stretch in our fabric. The tops and Tees seem to run a little large, so you should size down. Now when was the last time you heard that!?

Ashley Nell Tipton for JC Penny

She knows about that meat on the back of our legs that we don’t like to show! So she has bottoms and skirts midi length. How ever there are a few shorts in the collection.

I’m sure she is all too familiar with the mutant second stomach that hangs down below our hip line! So guess what she designs for that body.

I’m very much in love with both graphic tees, the blush pleated skirt, the cold shoulder tops, and the distressed knickers.

Now here is the best part, right now they are 40 % off! With price points this low ( 12.99- 35.99) I can pretty much get all of my favorite pieces.

Thanks to the lovely Kelly Augustine we have a video of the full runway show!!! It’s at the end of the post!!!!

I love that all the clothes are shown on real bodies!
Curvy Style With Timothy Snell

The tag line says it all A-list Style for the everyday physique. He’s called the bodyguard of curvy fashion. I first heard Of him as Queen Lateefa’s stylist. He has styled some of thee most famous curvy body’s we know today.

On the show that airs on BET’s Centric channel Saturday at 10, he dresses one celeb client and one everyday woman. In both segments he gives tips for how he dresses certain body types. There has only been 2 episodes and already he’s touched on proper undergarments ( in my opinion the #1 plus size mistake), the importance of taking care of yourself as a mother and wife, and insecurities about issues we may or may not have.

We really need to support this show. It’s the first show where plus sized fashion is center stage!

Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant
This Runway show was a lot more formal. It was held outside at the United Nations in NYC! The setting was beautiful, and the clothes looked divine! It was very much a start studded “Fashion” event. Lots of celebrities and pretty people. Miss Danielle Brooks stole the show in this bright yellow number that flowed like she had wings!

The collection is very light and airy! Lots of bright colors, lots of patterns, all in all a very girly girl look! Now true to Lane Bryant the price points are on the high side ( 29.95-168). However there is a discount code 👇.

Buy 1 get 75% with code LOVELB

I’ll probably just wait for the price to go down. I’d rather wait to have something I really want, instead of buying something else just for the price.

So there you have it! 3 of my favorite “ Curves Are Trending “ stories happening in plus size fashion today! But before you go, click the link below and catch the #soworthit Ashley Nell Tipton collection for JC Penny!

Spring Has Sprung And I Fell Off My Fitness Routine

Spring has Sprung And I'm Still Fat












So it’s April, summer is around the corner and I fell off the fitness train! And when I say off I meant all the way off. I got to a place where I wasn’t doing much about my health and believe me before I stepped on the scale my jeans told me! But as I said in my last fitness post👉( Fight Of A Fit Phatty)

“When you fall off don’t stay off!”

I’ve gained 10lbs back and I’ve been eating pretty crappy. I let life get in the way, nope scratch that; I got in my own way.

“Lack of time is actually a lack of priorities”
Tim Ferris

No excuses, time to get back to health! Knowing is only half the battle, now it time to get back into the fight with this fat!

Here are my chosen weapons of war :

  •  Liquid Gold! A gallon of water a day! Yikes that’s a lot of water! But water is the key to good health! I try to just drink 6 bottles of water so I’m not looking at a gallon all day! If you don’t like plain water add fruit for a good taste and detox!
  • Hand to Mouth! I mean snacks! Not the fudgy gooey kind, something good and healthy but filling! I love nature valley bars or flavored rice cake minis, fruit, and nuts. Eat something that is filling between meals and make sure it’s not empty calories!
  • Beat the clock! It’s no secret that most people don’t exercise because of time, but you have to do it. I wish I could go to the gym and rock out for an hour but my life doesn’t work that way! But you can do 20 minute work outs 3 times a day. That will burn the same amount of calories as a continuous hour. I like high intensity workouts that you can do in 20 minutes and burn the same amount of calories or more! Walk at lunch a few days a week, or six 15 minutes bursts if you have to. whatever works for you, do it!
  • Click fitness! I like to explore Pinterest and YouTube for new exercises. Remember to do the correct forms though! 10 correct moves goes a lot further than 50 incorrect. Last year I could only do ONE push up! I kept trying and now I’m at 10. It’s your heart rate pumping that will be the benefit!
  • Eyes to see! In every aspect of life we need someone to look to and something to aspire towards. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or favorite social media celebrity, let someone else’s journey inspire you.
  • Don’t wait until you feel like it! Honestly we will never feel like it most of the time lol! Sometimes I feel like today will be my rest day just like yesterday and I never get anything done.
  • Reap Wisely! I always say this! Don’t reward yourself with food or punish your self with brutal exercise! Instead reach a goal and purchase something else besides food! If you’ve fallen from fit grace do not over work yourself! Start off slowly and ease your way back in.

I hope you continue to take this journey with me! If you have more tips please leave them in the comments! What are you doing? Share with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

In the words of Styles P “health is wealth” !

Yours Truly The Fit Phatty