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Top Five Ways To Take The Fuss Out Of Fabulousness

2014 Top 5 Fuss Free Fab Tools
2014 Top 5 Fuss Free Fab Tools

Hey Sistas, well 2014 is coming to a close and we are knocking on the door of 2015. Last New Year’s Day, I made a promise to my family for the year of 2014; I would enjoy my life more and get back to loving me and sharing my wonderfulness with the world. LOL! Little did I know what God had in store for us. At that time, I didn’t know that I would start a blog to share my natural journey, and my struggle finding fashionable affordable plus sized items that fit my style. By the way my style is, I love the high maintenance look but I’m lazy so it has to be easy! 🙂 Most of the time I have the plan in my head but, I don’t work on it until the last minute.
This brings me to my Top Five favorites of 2014. This was not easy because I am the shortcut queen. So everything that I love involves Taking the Fuss Out of Fabulousness. I truly believe you don’t have to spend all day to look like you do. Now don’t get me wrong you can’t live on a short, sometimes you have to do the work, but my philosophy is if I lay a great foundation I can skate a little. With my hair, I make sure I practice ideal cleansing and conditioning regularly so I don’t have worry about breakage, thinning, and loosing my edges. Same goes for my wardrobe I try to buy staple or capsule pieces that are easy to put together to look fab with out much fuss.

  • image1- My two favorites are a tied for #1, the Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel and Cantu Shea Butter Leave In are absolutely my favorite short cut tools of 2014. You can find them any and everywhere. From Walmart, Sally’s, to your local beauty supply and or drug store. For me there aren’t many drawbacks I can name. They work very well together and keep my hair looking healthy and shinny. I must admit for most of 2014 I really didn’t use much else on my hair.  The only draw back is if you are too heavy handed with the Cantu you can get a white residue on your hair. I use this combo on my Puff which is my goto style, and it keeps my edges slayed and laid. This is also the combo I use on my twist outs. My entire family uses the Cantu, and we all have different hair types. I tend to use them together but they are both equally fierce all by themselves. When ever a Curly asks me to recommend products, first a ask them about there wash routine and the next step is this recommendation. One of the best things is  the price point. For the price you can’t beat the results. I know people who pay a lot of money for expensive products and their hair doesn’t like it! In January I did my final mini chop cutting about 4-5 inches of permed hair off and from then on I used almost nothing but these two items to style my hair, until about August when I was introduced to the Carmacare line. I feel like I can’t name them a fav because I only used them for about 4 months of the year, but they definitely get a more than honorable mention. I love the Seal-n-Shine and the B’leave-in Conditioner. You can get them at .image




  • 2- My number two is the Spanx Stockings. Now this breaks one of my rules. They are a little expensive for a disposable item, but I like to call them resposable. They wash well and regain their shape perfectly. Being a big girl that hates shape wear is not good, and I’m imagenot one of those Phattys that have that cute little pooch, nope I got belly! These stockings are the truth, because they hold it down and doesn’t squeeze the life out of me. I usually pick them up when they are on sale. The fit is perfect for Apple Shaped Phattys like me. It’s one of those things that you can wear everyday. Yes, did I mention that I hate shape wear? That being said these are on my favorites list. I am very particular about wearing stockings because the last thing I need is them rolling down and settling under my belly making it look even bigger, but these come all the way up and they stay there.
  • 3- Number three Mac Ruby Woo. This color seems to look great on everybody. After all who doesn’t love a red lippie? When I first saw it my cousin Mekkus was wearing it and I was compelled to tell her how great it looked. She is a brown girl like Kelly Rowland. Then I imagesaw one of my coworkers with this fab red lip and she also said it was Ruby Woo and she’s an olive colored white woman. I have a tan complexion (yes that is Rihanna representing me,lol) and it looks great on me too. That’s why it makes the list. It surely takes the fuss out of Fab. If you are like me and you don’t have time to spend 2 hours contouring and blending or how ever long it takes. Get you some eyeliner, mascara and some Ruby Woo and let it do what it do.
  • 4- Number four is my Strawberry Water. I don’t like to drink water but of course to be healthy it’s very necessary. I know a lot of places sell fruit infused water and special water bottles, but as I mentioned earlier my favs are easy. When first started doing this I would just imagebuy a gallon of water from the store and a bag of frozen strawberries, put the strawberries in the jug with 3-5 pks of Splenda. Let it sit overnight and drink it all day. I started doing this to help me stay full, but little did I gather the affects the strawberry water would have on my life. My skin and hair love it and yes it helps curb my appetite. Eventually I purchased a water bottle with a ice tube to help keep it cold. I happen to like strawberry water but you can try any frozen fruit you like. I know a lot of people do all kinds of other recipes that have a lot of steps but for me this is the best way because it’s so easy and taste great so that makes it easy to stick to.

5- My 2014 number five fav is the LOC Method. This oh, this woah, I love this and so does Froesha ( the name of my hair). If you don’t know what this is, it’s definitely one of the greatest short cuts to imagehealthy hair that I have found thus far. If you don’t have time to deep condition often this is what you should do. Once I started doing this there was no turning back. For me I do this with every wash. So you know it’s easy! 🙂 I use Carmacare B’leave in as my L. Carmacare Seal-n-Shine is my O. My C is Cantu or Carmacare Hair Soufflé Shea Butter. I’ve also had success with (l) Cantu leave in (o) Olive Oil (c) Soultanicals Marula- Muru. The process is so easy, after you wash and condition your hair, you apply the leave in of your choice, it’s best to use a liquid leave in if it’s your 1st time doing this. Next you seal the hair with an oil. Last apply a butter or a cream as the final moisture lock. I finger comb through each step and evenly distribute the layers throughout my tresses. I have air dried, twisted and blow dried after this process it really didn’t make a difference this method keeps my hair moisturized until my next wash. It’s one of those style as usual processes.

Well girls that wraps up my Top Five ways to Take the Fuss Out of Fabulousness for 2014. I pray that we will all move into 2015 with great expectations, plans and goals to keep going higher in our lives. We at have some challenging and exciting imagethings planned for 2015. We love a fresh start, so here’s to a new year and a new start!
See ya Phatty!

The Journey to Hairvana – (the best haircare regimens for any curly)

Hey Curlys, Have you ever seen another natural and wondered what they used. I am always wondering what they did to achieve that style. Sometimes I even go up to them and ask what they are using. It took me quite a while to find what worked for me. I was watching all kinds of YouTube videos and trying all kinds of product and most of it was not working for me. I think this is what makes some of us give up on the process. Every Curly has to find their own regimen on this journey to reach hairvana. I know this is a process and it takes some effort on your part, but it’s so worth it! I found that a good hair regimen ( click here to purchase your Journey To Hairvana products) is the key to successfully moving on down the road. If I had to break it down, there are basically 3 types of natural regimens . We are going to call them:

imageThe Lazy Girl-
Don’t let the label fool you. Very often The Lazy Girl’s hair looks great. She is consistent and has found the best goto practices and product for her life and style. She sees Hairvana as the KISS girl Keep It Short and Simple.

The Active Seeker-
She is always looking for the next best thing. She tries lots of products and styles because she is actively seeking the newness and excitement of her natural hair journey. She always has another style, product or process that she has been using. Hairvana for her is the versatile nature of being natural.

The Tress Lover
This Curly LOVEs her tresses. She spends as much quality time with her hair as she does with anyone else. She is diligent about her routine and very often there is no other way to Hairvana for her. She gives her hair love and attention as if she is cultivating a garden to cure world hunger.

Hair care means different things to these girls. Although they all seek healthy hair, lifestyles, time and hair goals make the difference in where you may fall in the spectrum.

The Lazy Girl-

I think I’m just past lazy and just behind seeker. Although there are times when I am full on Lazy. In these times my regimen is simple and quick. Usually it consists of a Cowash and rinse out conditioner, the LOC method, then my puff or whatever goto style I’m sporting. I can get by with this for at least 3 weeks before my hair needs some TLC. Being a lazy natural just means you don’t have a lot of steps to your routine and you probably have a signature goto style. You are truly the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it kinda girl. imageThe key to pulling this off is not to get so lazy that you damage your hair, and finding the right products and goto style to always look pulled together. For me my puff is my 5 minute updo and the Green top Ecostyler gel, took me beyond the wall. I didn’t find it until I was natural for a few months. The Cantu leave-in was my mountain top experience. Once I found it I used it everyday. It’s my leave-in after I wash, my gel for my puff, and my cream for my LOC method ( LOC means Leave-in +Oil +Cream) after I cleanse and condition I apply the leave-in next I rub through my oil ( almond, coconut, jojoba ect.) then I rub the cream or sometimes I use butters ( Shea, marula, mango). So just because your a Lazy Natural that doesn’t mean your hair looks like it. Find the right products and go to style and you’ll be in like Flynn. Who ever Flynn is, I don’t know but he was always in, lol. So if the last thing you need is another tasks to squeeze into your day, you might need the Lazy Girl regimen.

Follow these easy steps to keep your hair looking great.

1. Make sure you are realistic in you hair goals. If you are lazy don’t expect to wear a style that requires a lot of maintaining.image
2. Find the right products and remember some do double duty. Your conditioner may work to detangle. Your leave my keep your hair laid like a gel.

3. If you wear protective styles, make sure you moisturize, and don’t keep them longer than 8 weeks.
4. Deep condition at least monthly.
5. Employ the LOC Method it will help keep your hair moisturized.
6. Find your signature style, and rock on!

The Active Seeker-

This is why I say I’m in between, I do change my hair about every week. I usually wash it every week and when I can, I get a new style. Although I go through phases of just the puff, or the 2 French twists, when I can’t get it done. I like to wear braids and twist styles that I change after I wash. I suffer from a dry itchy scalp so I need to wash it every week when I wear cornrows. In true seeker form I recently tried a scalp detox and it definitely worked for me. If you suffer from imagean itchy scalp like me, I would suggest you try it. Its a simple process that I used in place of my monthly pre-poo. It’s pretty simple you mix the ingredients section hair in small parts, gently rub the mixture onto your scalp in small circles. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes then rinse it out, and proceed with your wash/ cleanse routine. Lol, I have my moments! Oh but you know if you are the Seeker. You probably change your hair styles often and you are the one most prone to become a product junkie. Believe it or not most Curlys that fall into this category are the ones that end up with unhealthy hair. Sometimes you can do so much to your hair and never give it time to adjust to the new product or style before you do something else. This is probably in your DNA. It’s not just with your hair, you are this way with almost everything in your life. So if you are a seeker here are some tips to help you out.

1. Try to stick with a product or style for at least 1 week. This will give your hair time to adjust.

2. Stick to cowashing and or sulfate free shampoo, because if you keep using harsh shampoos you can dry your hair out. Add the scalpimage detox to your regimen. This will ensure you are allowing your scalp to get clean of buildup.

3. Be careful of too much pulling and tugging on your hair. This can cause undo breakage. Surly you’ve heard of traction alopecia. This is caused by too much tight tugging and pulling of hair and the shaft weakens and eventually snaps off. Most commonly on the edges but it can happen anywhere on the head.

4. Invest in a hooded dryer you will need to keep you hair well conditioned. This is a no brainier but I’ll say it for good measure.

5. In all your seeking seek healthy hair. Educate yourself as you go. Although you may love that new style if it’s not good for your hair imagedon’t do it. I see this over and over. The sacrifice of healthy hair for a short term style.
The Tress Lover-

And last to mention the The Tress Lover. We could all use you in our life. You love you, it’s not just a hair regimen. Your practices promote self love. lover girl you take pride in your mane! Often you imageconcoct your very own products and develop your own styles to show your hair just how much she is appreciated. Time spent caring for your hair is often scheduled like some women schedule their nail appointment. You never miss a washday! You are usually not as quick to jump on the band wagon for the next latest and greatest thing. But you will invest in those things that make sense to you and or have been proven to be beneficial to your hair. You spend hours stroking and training your hair. You are probably more apt to use a lot of natural products just to be on the safe side. You know that what you eat is just as important to your mane as what you wash it with. There’s almost no advice I can give to you so, instead I’ll share some of your secrets.

1. Get to know your hair. If you listen you’ll hear her talking. She’ll tell you when she likes something and when she does not.

2. Make appointments with yourself to spend time taking care of your hair.

3. Never sacrifice healthy hair for a style. Styles come and go but you want your hair to grow and show.
4. Make sure you are using the right products for your hair porosity. Do a porosity test. Drop a strand of hair into a glass of water. If itimage sinks quickly you have high porosity. Which basically means your hair shaft is open and you loos moisture quickly. If it floats a while then sinks you have lower porosity. This is “normal”. If it doesn’t sink at all you have low or compact porosity. This means the shaft is closed and most likely the moisture doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft. So once you know then what? High porosity -try using steam after you condition. Apple cider vinegar closes the cuticle. Always rinse with cold water. Low/ Compact porosity- try baking soda or glycerin, please test first. Hot water opens the cuticle, this is the key. Stay away from oils, they will only seal the moisture out. You can add ½ c imageof baking soda to 1 c of your favorite conditioner let it it for 15-20 minutes then rinse throughly with cold water.

5. Don’t be afraid to chose yourself first. You deserve it. Make an weekly appointment with yourself for some me-time. Schedule it in just like you schedule everything else. Plan it out and look forward to your beauty time. Invest in the right tools to keep your thing right. At the very least, a satin scarf or bonnet. Your going to need a wide tooth comb for detangling. A shampoo, a conditioner, a leave-in, and some hair/bobby pins, and scunchies are great for starters.

6. Read ingredient labels, the FDA requires that the products are listed in the order that they are added.

If it says it has Shea butter in it and it’s not listed in the 1st five ingredients it probably doesn’t have that much of it in there. The rule is the 1st 5 things are the base for the product.

I must admit there are times for me when I vacillate the different categories depending on what is going on in my life. When I do the research and I see what some of the other Curlys do, I say to myself I must be a Lazy Natural, lol. But I must admit I have been in every phase that I talked about here. The bottom line is if you feel that what you are doing is not working for you, don’t stick to it just because it works for someone else. Don’t get me wrong being imagenatural takes work on every level. But it’s one of the those things that you won’t believe you didn’t do it sooner.

On a personal note, as I was typing this I realized that I had hit an important point in my journey to Hairvana. This week I wore a dry twist out to work and it wasn’t as tame as the cornrows, twist, or my puff. Nor was it as defined as my twist outs and braid outs. Although I got a few compliments, I happened to be in the Cafeteria getting coffee when one of the Spanish guys from the warehouse approached me. He proceeded to say to “what’s up with your hair ?” “It looks like you just woke up”. My first though was obviously you never woke up with a sister because we do not wake up with loose hair! 🙂 but I didn’t say it. I smiled and told him well I’m a natural, which means I don’t chemically straighten my hair, nor do I try to fit into what other people feel comfortable with. I reminded him of when he started 8 years earlier and he had a long bushy ponytail, he sat back and smiled and said “yeah I had to cut it because it was imagegetting thin on the top”. That lead into a lighter conversation about if he had a daughter her hair would probably look like mine. Anyway afterwards I realized I didn’t even get offended. I felt very confident that my hair looked good to me so too bad if he doesn’t like it. As I walked back to my desk I started to feel very proud of myself. I was able to deflect his shade and even if he didn’t mean it he sounded fond of my choice to be natural. So what ever drove you to the decision to go natural, strap on your seat belt because it gets bumpy. All in all I know that my hair won’t please everybody, but as for me and my hair we are happy to be nappy!

Any who wether you are Lazy Girl, or Tress Lover, are even the Seeker, you have to find the best product to work for your approach. With the right products your regimen can be as simple as you need it to be and your hair will still look great! Don’t for get to visit our store for all your hair care needs.

Click to visit our store

No matter how many steps you add to your process there are really only 3 basic elements, cleansing, styling and maintaining. How and what you choose to perform them is up to you. Just as anything else in your life if you put in the work, the results will show.image

Throughout the post I’ve dropped some tips and tricks that should ease you right on down the road to Hairvana!

So Curlys I encourage you to find your level and always practice good hair care. Remember make an appointment with your hair and keep it, listen to your hair she’ll tell you what she likes, and when in doubt reach out. You can leave comments here or on Facebook and Instagram, and if you are shy email us at
But for now.

See ya Phatty!

Straight Talk

Hey Curlies, We are going to have some straight talk this time around. Straight hair that is, lol probably not what you’re thinking, huh. Now, I know some of the natural knotzi might tell you that if you manipulate the curl pattern it’s no longer natural, o.k we’ll let them think that.taraji To me as long as you are not chemically relaxing or texturizing your hair, it’s natural.

One of the benefits of being natural is having the ability and versatility to go from straighttaraji 2to curly to froed out. Some naturals wear only weave or crochet. That doesn’t make them any less natural than the ones that literally wake up and do nothing to their hair.  It’s all about preference, and I prefer to have plenty of options. Which brings me to my point, what are we doing with our hair for the holidays? We are now days away from the official “Holiday Season” and I like to do a little something different around this time of year. So I’ll be doing my second blowout and straighten since going natural.  I got it done last year for my birthday, which was about 5 months into transitioning and this will be the second time I’m doing it.  That being said, I feel this is a great time for us to have some conversations about straightening our hair. In general the most important thing we can do for our hair is proper protection. This process is no different.  In fact, it is more important that we use the proper protective products and practice good basics when using heat to avoid damage that can lead to hair loss.

One of my main reasons for returning to natural was to have healthier hair. It took some time to perfect what was right for me, and I am still learning new things every day. Although my hair grows fairly quickly I don’t want to do anything that will cause undue hair loss or that will cause me to have to start over.  There are naturals that never wear their hair curly, they strictly wash and straighten their tresses and they have healthy full heads of long hair!blow out2

As naturals we may not see eye to eye about all hair regimens (let’s face it we’re women we don’t see eye to eye about a lot of things lol.) But each preference is to each naturalista. No matter what she’s doing or not doing to her hair, we should not attack or insult her. That was the prelude to my topic, because I know the natural knotzi will not agree with me…but believe it or not straightening your hair is really not all that bad, and YES its best if you use silicone to protect and coat your tresses.  There I said it, sometimes silicone is helpful on this natural journey to hairvina! You just have to take the steps to avoid damage.FullSizeRender (1)

And guess what? The steps are really simple! Protect your hair, use a good tool, and wrap it tight. Yes it is just that simple, I promise you! I know from experience. I do not wear my hair straight often but I try to be knowledgeable on hair care and have researched everything that I share.  Whether we are straightening or not, protecting your hair should always be a main concern. So let’s start with that. And for good measure I have some Sister Science to back me up. Check out her video “fry Eggs not Hair”

  1. Heat no harm no danger

Protecting your hair should always be your number one priority. By applying the right products you can avoid heat damage as much as possible. I definitely swear by hair milk! Naturalistas always ask me what to use when straightening their hair and I always tell them to grab some hair milk. Just like milk, hair milk gives your hair great nutrients! Personally I use hair milk even when my hair is in its naturally curly state, because it’s also a great detangler! I fell in love with hair milk a long time ago when I discovered Biolage by Matrix and it was love at first feel.31XhxNqJjdL._SY300_  As the years continued on I discovered different brands that work just as great (and may be more cost effective for you!) I like to apply the hair milk after I apply a leave-in conditioner. You really only need to use a small amount of leave-in conditioner because you don’t want your hair to be heavy! The leave-in is an important step because you want your hair shaft to be conditioned before applying heat. If you don’t already know, I always swear by leave-in(s) and we have discussed great leave-in conditioners already; B’leave-in by CarmaCare, Cantu’s leave-in conditioning repair cream, Palmer’s leave-in, etc. Any leave-in that works for you is the right choice. I bet you know what is next.  Yes of course you need to seal all of these nutrients and moisture with oil. I did a post recently on God’s oil (olive oil my ride or dry) and the benefits, but there are so many sealants out there you can’t lose! Whether you use olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or a mixture of different oils it doesn’t matter. The key is to just a dime size amount before blow drying so your hair has movement. There are also some good products that specifically fall under the label of “heat protectants.”images



This step is what I should have lead with, but I got so carried away (you know I am a product junkie!) But the number one step to maintaining moisture is using the right shampoo! Shampoo can make or break your hair. Literally how much moisture your hair retains no matter what product you may use starts with your “wash” routine. Certain shampoos will completely strip your hair of everything, product build up and natural oils. Of course we all want our hair to be clean as possible, but we don’t want to dry our hair out! Dry hair breaks! So you definitely want to purchase a shampoo and conditioner that has humectants.humectants-and-moistureHumectants cling to H2o, thus soaking up water and allowing the hair to keep water on the shaft during the cleaning process. As long as you retain water your hair will not dry out and break. Always, always, always deep condition when using heat on your hair, as a curly anyway a deep conditioning regimen is always your best friend!


  1. Know How to Use Your tool

Believe it or not the type of blow dryer and flat iron can determine the amount of heat damage. Choose a ceramic tool when straightening your hair. These tools may be more pricey than most, but it is truly an investment worth your coins! A ceramic tool distributes heat evenly throughout the shaft. This guarantees less heat damage because no section of the hair will be more distressed than the other! I personally really like BabyBliss Pro Styler as a flat iron for ethnic hair.babybliss No matter what texture or how dense your hair is, BabyBliss will have your hair straight! BabyBliss also brings out your natural shine, and because it is ceramic you will have less chance of burnt hair, giving you maximum movement. Invest in a good blow dryer also to make sure you are getting maximum heat distribution. Another great key to good movement is to blow your hair out with a good brush using the medium heat setting! Not only does using a good brush guarantee great shine, but brushing stimulates growth cells so your hair will grow! It’s a personal preference if you want to use heat protectant before blow drying or after blow drying and before flat ironing (if using product on your hair before flat ironing and after blow drying apply a light amount to guarantee you will not fry your hair). It’s just very important that you use protection on your hair. You can go with the hair milk, grape seed oil, or even a commercially marketed product, just use a heat protectant.


  1. The Wrap Up

This is the step that will determine how long you get to keep this look. Good night time maintenance is the basis for longevity in almost all hairstyles. I shouldn’t have to say it but make sure you are wrapping your hair with a satin or silk scarf or a bonnet. In general I wrap my hair around my head in a circular mold because this helps to add a little body to my hair when I do the comb down in the morning.alicia-keys  Some people put a roller in the middle and wrap the rest of the hair around it. I’ve even seen women who have fairly long hair just pile it on top of their head in a loose pineapple ponytail and wear a bonnet. So there is no wrong technique here, whatever works for you and best preserves the hair is what you should do.

Every naturalista loves to wear her hair differently and we just want to insure your hair is as healthy as possible. Always protect your hair no matter which way you choose to wear your hair, but let’s just remember to take extra good care of our hair any time we apply heat! So again remember these simple rules to achieve an awesome blow out with minimal damage:

  • Shampoo and condition with humectants
  • Deep condition (at least 15 minutes with heat and 45 minutes without heat)
  • Apply the right products; Leave-in conditioner (dime size amount), hair milk (nickel size amount), and oil (dime size amount) *Remember when straightening your hair less is more. Too much product will weigh your hair down leaving you with flat heavy hair!
  • Protect your hair from heat
  • Use the proper tools! (Ceramic! Ceramic! Ceramic!!!)
  • Wrap it up with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet

Using these simple steps should allow you to maintain good moisture and less damage. Dry and brittle hair looks good on NO ONE, and flat heavy blow outs are not flattering! Always wrap your hair every night and try to use the least amount (if none) bobby pins to avoid indentation marks (especially if you have finer hair).2013 American Music Awards - Press Room Ladies we just want you to look good but also keep your hair healthy! So let’s stay on the straight and narrow, or not! LOL

See Ya later Phatty!

Don’t Fall Off – 10 Ways To Stop Your Hair From Falling Off

falloff  When the season changes people tend to get lax with the routines that keep them looking good in the warmer months, just because you get to cover up that doesn’t mean you have to fall off.
In the cooler weather your hair sheds more due to the colder dryer air. Not to mention the heavier garments rubbing on our head as we wear them. Even when you put them on and take them off, believe it or not they are rubbing and snagging your hair causing increased dryness, shedding and unnecessary hair pulling. We all love to wear fashionable hats and scarves to stay warm and look cute, but the real tea here is that these are one of the biggest natural hair dangers that you will face this season. Unless you find some that are lined with satin these are clearly an avoidable danger. But with the right adjustment you can minimize your casualties and keep those tresses in track.

Here are 10 hair care tips and processes to keep your hair from falling off

1. Eat, Drink, Grow– This one definitely requires the least amount of effort. Add Vitamin A to your diet. Leanhairffood proteins, such as Salmon, and Cod Liver oil, green leafy veggies, like kale (recipe for Kale chips), sweet potatoes, blueberries, bananas, broccoli, nuts, and carrots. Also green tea and plenty of water.

2. Do You Pre-poo– This is especially important if you are transitioning. It’s almost as simple as number one. Just coat your hair with oil for at least 30 minutes before you shampoo. This can be done as you detangle or if you do it before it will aide in the detangling and decrease the time and the amount of shed. (Side note remember to use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle!!!) I usually do it the night before and just sleep with a plastic cap and head scarf / bonnet.

3. Feel Butter Soon– So this is a real game changer and may contradict some other claims out there, but for me hairbutterit works wonders. Replace the coconut oil with Mango and/or Shea Butters. There are also a variety of very exotic butters out there but these are the only two that I can personally vouch for. Regardless of whether you choose a raw form or a processed form it’s all up to you. Sometimes the more processed form is safer for me because it’s not as concentrated and they usually add smell goods to them just for you, lol. If you are more adventurous than I, you can try some Ucuubba Butter, this one is known to have some antiseptic properties. If you are looking for shine and strength you can try Muru Muru Butter. The Kokum Butter is said to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. You can find these at most health food stores, on Amazon, as well as other online retailers. You can now find Shea and Mango butter anywhere and in just about everything. The most popular Shea for hair is the Jane Carter Nourish and Shine Shea butter. It’s an oldy but goody and it still works great wonders. The process is simple and easy, just apply it to your wet hair after you cleanse to lock in the moisture. You can also use it for styling your damp or wet hair if you are going with a two strand twist or braid out.

4. Aloe There– Apply an Aloe Vera gel mask to your hair. This is done after you cleanse as well. You can use a DYI Aloe gel (DIY Aloe Gel Recipe) or you can purchase the gel right off the shelf. You saturate the hair from rootdryertrick to tip, place a plastic cap on your head and let it sit for 30 – 40 minutes. You can add heat and it will only take about 20 minutes. Then rinse hair with cool water. This will add volume and shine to your hair. If you do not have a hooded dryer you need to allow the conditioner to sit on your head for an hour or longer with the plastic cap on and or a hot towel wrapped around your head. If you are inventive enough you can position your hand dryer somewhere that you can sit under so it will blow low heat on your cap. Sit under it for 20 min. Just be sure not to get close enough for the dryer to burn you.

5. Go Deep– Deep condition your hair at least once a month. It is usually recommended that you do it every other week, conitioners under 10but if that’s too much you should do it at least once a month. Believe me you will be happier with your hair if you deep condition. I actually don’t have a preference for one deep conditioner over another. In fact I use whatever I have on hand. I recently won a bottle of Jessicurl Too Shea extra moisturizing conditioner from the Natural Partners in Crime fall giveaway, and I used it as a deep conditioner.

6. Behind The Mask– There is some similarity with hair masks and the deep conditioners. They are very similar, but the mask is much more concentrated. Masks are designed to hydrate, seal and repair your hair. They use to be labeled with names like re-constructors. The application process is the same, you want to add low heat, and rinse with warm water.

7. Seal of oil sealersApproval– The seal is oil or butters. One of my favorite sealers is Olive oil. I also love the Carma Care seal and shine. This is also the most beneficial use for coconut oil if you have thicker hair. In fact by my estimation the best way to use coconut oil is as a sealant on wet hair. You can use grape seed, argon, almond, or Jojoba oils as well. Personally I mix my oils with water in a spray bottle and use the almost daily. I use Olive, Argon, and Mint Almond oils. This is usually the step after you apply your leave in conditioner. Or just before you style or blow dry. You want to make sure you retain as much moisture as you can in your hair. All you do is apply it from root to tip and rub or comb the hair with a wide tooth comb, no need to rinse.

8. L.O.C It Up– The L O C method is a fairly new process to me, but I can tell you it is a transitioners dream. This is a very simple 3 step process that is done in lieu of deep conditioning. It does just as it says, LOC, you are locking in the moisture from your wet hair in. For me this has been the best way to make sure the line of demarcation is strengthened and moisturized. If you are a transitioner you know this term. It is the line where the process hair meets the natural hair, in other words “the breaking point”! This is very beneficial for all hair types and accents any style you use. The L stands for Leave in or liquid. I use Carma Care B’Leave in locmethodleave in conditioner. The O stands for Oil. You can use any of the oils you like but I use my oil mixture or you can incorporate your butters here. Coat the hair from root to tip with the butter or oil of your choice. The purpose of this step is to seal the leave in and the liquid in. The C is for Cream. I use my Cantu leave in, or my Carma Care Shea Souffle. You can use any curling creams or whipped product you like. If you have finer hair you may want to use the cream first them the oil. Technically that would be the L C S but some prefer that method so the hair is not too slippery. The hair should be a little slippery. NOT slick just slippery. At this point you can blow dry and style if you are doing a dry style. Or you can twist or braid the hair as usual. I saw instant results after the first time I tried this. My hair retained the moister at least 2 to 3 days longer than usual. And my twist out! Was the Bomb! Straight jelly!

9. Protect Ya Neck– it’s very important to employ low manipulation styles. Comb you hair as little as possible. The cooler months are the ideal time to sport braids and twist. The reason they call them protective styles is very evident. You need to protect your hair from damage. For me, the higher you keep your hair off your neck, the less likely it will be rubbed and pulled by our scarves, turtle necks and sweaters. Keep your ends tucked in, protected, conditioned and trimmed.

10. Poo Who You Don’t Have to Cry about It– I have shared before that I only use shampoo about once a month. I Co-wash. As we are trying to build moisture we also need to do as little as possible to take the moisture out. This brings me to my philosophy on shampoo vs no poo. It’s very basic. Shampoo strips moisture from the hair making it dry and dry hair breaks right. So why do we do it again. Oh yeah, because that’s what we’ve always done. O.K. I got it. Any who, Healthy cowashNatural Hair 101 is don’t over use shampoo, (side bar I was sent a sample of a shampoo bar from Lia Naturals- it came in my Natural Partners in Crime fall give a pack I was impressed). I say limit the shampoos to once or twice a month and co-wash and clarify in between. In my post about shampoos under $12, I explain how I co wash and clarify with apple cider vinegar. By the way, if you read the back of the conditioner and the shampoo you will see a lot of the same ingredients. This is because most conditioners have cleansing agents in them. The ACV, further clarifies the hair, restores the ph balance of your hair and closes the hair cuticle.

The most important thing to remember is that your hair will be attacked by moisture robbing elements all season long. Even if you don’t wear any wool, knit, cotton, or polyester, which is quite impossible in fall, the cooler temps alone will do a number on your moisture retention. But have no fear we have some easy options to help you amp up the moisture level in your hair. This is the main objective in the fall. By keeping your hair properly cleansed and conditioned you will be able to combat undue hair loss that often occurs during the fall and winter months. nopooAlso because we recommend practicing low manipulation protective styling you will need to be diligent about taking good care of your hair when you touch it because you will not be touching it as often as you would if you were styling it every day.
Even if you just choose one or two of these fall bases and stay on them, that alone will improve your hair retention and growth. Additionally I will post a Suggest Fall Product Guide and Protective Style Look Book on www.facebook/ . Remember watch out for the moister robbers this season. We don’t want them to get away with any of our hair. Let’s grow together.
See ya Phatty!

That Blessed oil, My ride or dry!

olive oil 2

Hey Phatty, I know we’re always getting flooded with the next “try this” product, and most of our closets or dressers are filled with so many things that we never use. Or even worse, products that we hate! Don’t get me wrong there are truly great products out there, but sometimes we over-look the items that we already have right in our very own kitchens! But why would we automatically think to check our cupboards for hair products? I can remember getting yelled at for over using something that was intended for food. I can’t imagine telling the adults that I needed some olive oil for my hair lol. But little did we know we were so clueless to the benefits of God’s oil! Historical and Biblical texts are proof that this healthy oil has always been intended for great use. All this time we didn’t know one important key to healthy beautiful hair was right in our households or in the grocery store! olive oil

Olive oil is beneficial for the entire body inside and out. The benefits for your hair are endless! All you need is a spray bottle, water, and a few tablespoons of olive oil. All naturals deal with humidity and frizz, and we all know how frustrating frizzy hair can be! Using Olive oil not only eliminates frizz, it also gives your hair great moisture and shine, while making your hair soft. Girl, don’t nobody want no dry and brittle hair lol.

Maybe you’re not a wash and go girl.Or you like to keep your hair in protective styles majority of the time. Don’t worry this post is still for you! You can use olive oil as a hot oil treatment during wash day. Applying olive oil to your scalp and sitting under the dryer for fifteen to twenty minutes after you wash and condition will give you vast improvement!beyonce-in-shower-with-shower-cap You can also use a spray bottle with your olive oil mixture to spray on your hair before you style (especially if you use the blow dryer after washing) to protect your hair.

Olive oil restores your hair strength, while preventing breakage. Also restoring hair bulbs and stimulating cell growth. Olive oil provides nutrients to your hair and guarantees fewer split ends. Using Olive oil on a regular basis can also relieve your dandruff. It is a great exfoliator! Ladies, you can remove dandruff or scaly skin by applying a mixture of olive oil and sea salt to the dry skin or scalp.dandruff-590x442 Wait a minimum five minutes and rinse away the flaky skin or dandruff. Voila you will reveal a healthy scalp and/or skin!! Don’t take this to the bank but I guarantee that you will breathe much easier with a relieved scalp lol.

Every female encounters the time when washing make-up off is a daunting task. I guess you already figured my solution, and your absolutely right! Using Olive oil to remove your make-up is not only fast and efficient but will make your skin glow! If you suffer from dry nails and cuticle issues P1040467 you can drop a few drop droplets of olive oil onto your cuticles and watch your nails transition from dry to healthy. Your cuticles will plump up and your nails will shine. (You can also use this tip for the man in your life, and your toe nails too!)

Olive oil is truly God’s oil. The product is timeless! Remember you can also replace butter and cooking oil with it and watch your health transform! I bet your grandmother used to bless everything with it also, lol! And if she is anything like my grandmother I bet she blessed every door knob and threshold with her olive “holy” oil, and might of made you drink some too! So whether you use all of these tips or just one; our product of the week has a place in your life!!! See yaIMG_9466 Phatty!!!!

Wash Day and Four Shampoos under 12 dollars

WD = Washday #Poo

Every natural needs an effective hair routine that includes a good shampoo for WD (Wash day). It took me several months of hard times and dry hair to figure out what works for me and my mane piece. Coincidentally the most common question I get asked is what type of shampoo do I use…so I gather this is a very common issue for transitioners, and the newly natural. By the way I did not BC (Big Chop)I transitioned. This choice poses a unique set of obstacles depending on what condition your hair was in when you decided to check into CCR (creamy crack rehab). Therefore I decided to share the information that has gotten me to this point.

The frequency of your WD depends on your hair texture, the styling products you use and the condition of your mane. You may poo (shampoo) as often as you want too. Naturals that use heavier products, stylers and
butters may shampoo as often as once a week or prior to every styling session. Clean hair works best or me. So I like a WD just before I get a new style.

If you are the minimalists (one that uses lighter products) you may need to shampoo less frequently. Using the wrong products is a sure way to get to an unscheduled WD. If the product is not working well on your hair or makes it too kinky, greasy, or crunchy for your liking…a quick WD will give you a restart.

I shampoo when my is hair sticky or if I am getting a new style. Usually this is about every other week. Then I co-wash (use conditioner as a shampoo) at least once a week. I saturate my hair with conditioner, then rinse until the water runs clear. Usually I do this twice then spray my hair with vinegar and water then rinse out. I know a lot of people frown about not using shampoo but all I can say is don’t knock it until you try it. I may do a post about co-washing in the future. There has been so much said about it, all I can do is speak from my point of view. It works!

Additionally I will share some information about reasonably priced shampoos that work great for natural hair. Here are four shampoos under 12 dollars that you can get anywhere.
If you have chemically-treated hair, one of the best shampoos without sulfates is by Carol’s Daughter. This moisturizing shampoo not only reduces frizz, but it also gently cleanses and adds moisture to thirsty tresses without weighing hair down. You’ll love the hydrating properties of this gentle shampoo and the addicting vanilla fragrance! You can get it at Target for under 11$Shampoo

Naturals with curly locks will love this sulfate-free shampoo from Shea Moisture. Shea Moisture makes a great line of organic hair care and skin care products for the family. Try this curl and shine shampoo to moisturize, protect hair from heat and chemical damage, and strengthen add shine to thick, curly hair! Find this at most drugstores for about $10.

IMG_8975 (2)
Organix is another line of sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners and body care products. Their newest product from their line of hair care is Biotin & Collagen. This shampoo without sulfates also does not contain any parabens and is gentle on color-treated hair. If your hair is thin or feeling lifeless, this shampoo can help add volume and strength to your hair. It is often between 8 and 10$


I also love Mane ‘n Tail shampoo. It is an expensive shampoo. This one is not free, but it has co-surfactant (sealers that prevent drying. I have been using this since High School, and yes it really is intended or horses. Although there are many claims about this product making you hair grow, I can’t verify that. What I can say is it certainly softens your hair after just 1 or 2 uses. You can find this at most drug stores for under 10$mane

No matter how often you shampoo, moisture retention should be a top priority.

Pre-poo or not to pre poo, deep conditioner treatments, moisturizers, and leave-ins’ these are some of the topics I am researching now. Please stay tuned and feel free to share any questions, suggestions and comments. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.